TinyOwl- No More Hunger

Feeling hungry? Stomach roar? No problem I got a simple solution- “TinyOwl”. It is simple and friendly food service. Man! I am a huge fan of TinyOwl, it makes it so easy to find my food conveniently from anywhere around the clock and simply get it delivered. Ordering is so simple and easy. If you want Dominos online u just have to click and order , you don’t have to worry about the extra tax , tips.

  • Search for the nearby restaurant and food item you want to order
  • Directly add the item to the cart and check out.

And now just wait, the foods is on my door step in no time. So easy.TinyOwl is the powerhouse of Tasty Khana and So many restaurants to choose from. I found ordering food from TinyOwl app, extremely secure and prper online payment mechanism. Even much needed refund policy is customer friendly. I was even had an access to schedule an order for a specific day or time. That’s unique. Even the delivery was within the time frame. There is a quick home delivery service without any hassle. I can order most tasty and incredible food from best restaurants around my city. TinyOwl has a massive list of restaurants, fast food corners, pizza places, cake and bakery shops etc.

First time I used the TinyOwl application, I was mesmerized so many restaurants, so much food and all that at just one place and that too can easily be downloaded and install from app store or Google play for free. TinyOwl brought the best of food, handpicked packed with easily payment options. I had an access to a huge library of restaurants with pocket friendly conditions and huge discounts. It has an excellent door to door service, since I am a big food addict and the laziest person, I have tried a lot of other services but this one is by far the best service I found- On time delivery, 100% quality and easily track able.

I even had a tiny hiccup about a refund and was mentally prepared to be all grumpy at the standard Indian customer service. But I was quite surprised by the TinyOwl customer care and the way they handled everything. There was a quick response. From being one of my favorite go-to app for ordering food online it has become the only go-to app for ordering online. Food is always fresh and hot, I was never served something cold. The delivery has always scored plus point for TinyOwl.

The app itself is location aware, knows my exact location and even notifies me of new offers as soon as they are available, best deal around theme just magically pops up on my phone. It also provides a real time tracking and the app is fully bug free. I can order any time a day, no matter what the time is,TinyOwl delivers it directly to my doorstep. There is no extra tax, delivery fees or any type of hiccups. Everything at TinyOwl is transparent and user friendly. I can even have scheduled order placed at any specific time and TinyOwl delivers me at that exact time without any delay.  TinyOwl is gaining main stream success though.

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