Take Help from Customised Essay Writing Services to Avoid Plagiarism

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Many of the college students are not familiar with the plagiarizing act. It is necessary for them to understand that plagiarism is a severe offence. Borrowing someone’s words or concept without giving them the credit is a big error. In this case, ignorance is not at all bliss, but can be bad for your grades and reputation. You may have to pay significant cash penalty for this misdemeanour.

Plagiarism is a crime

Professors actually warn their students to be careful about their work and keep checking for stolen passages. The task of checking the course work is taken seriously, where the professors use special programs to check all the students’ assignments for accuracy and speed.

Many students from popular colleges have been dismissed due to copying. Plagiarism means stealing of –

  • Content of published author
  • Other student’s work
  • Shuffling your own content from the past project

Ways to stay away from plagiarism

  • Intensely refer to your sources.
  • Never repeat other author’s phrases or words, which are not used commonly elsewhere.
  • In case, you need to use the phrase or word or idea or theory then cite the source link. Learn to properly give credit to sources and authors.
  • Avoid imitating the same sentence structure.
  • You can read the other author’s work first and put the book away. After sometime, write what you remember. In the end, go through the other author’s work and then compare how accurately you wrote down the facts.

How citation needs to be done?

Two common formats are used for citation all around the globe.

  1. Modern Language Association (MLA) – MLA is applied when you write about literature, English, and foreign languages
  2. American Psychological Association (APA) – APA is employed for quoting social sciences like economics, psychology, and sociology research.

You will able to find more information about the rules of both these formats at http://mypaperdone.com/academic-term-papers.html

Your professor will advise you to make use of in-text citations. Both cite page (MLA format) and reference list (APA format) has to appear independently, in the end. It needs to include detailed information about used sources.

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