The Top 7 Education Institutions For MBA In USA

The United States of America is well known for its advanced education systems and good management programs which makes them suitable for students to pursue MBA. Actually, the US tops in the list of the world’s top MBA institutions which include Stanford, Harvard, and University of Colombia etc.

Choosing an MBA institution should not be difficult at all because the following list should help you select the best.

1. Harvard Business School

– Established in 1636, Harvard definitely tops the list and is famed for its world class full-time programs which include MBA programs, doctoral programs, and a wide range of educational programs. The School offers about eight full-time doctoral programs, 2 years residential MBA programs and over 80 executive educational programs. It’s ranked as one of the best business school in the U.S and the world at large

2. The Stanford Graduate School of Business

– The School was established in 1925 and has continued to offer some of the best quality educational programs. The school has built its good reputation all over the world which has made it build trust among the students, business people and entrepreneur. Generally, it offers a two-year MBA program, a PHD program for innovative future academics, a one-year Stanford Sloan Master’s Program, Faculty Research Programs and Executive Education Programs.

3. University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School

– It’s one of the oldest universities in the U.S and is termed as one of the most prestigious institutions offering all types of educational programs including MBA, Executive MBA, doctoral programs and over 5000 undergraduate programs. It also has 20 research centres and 10 academic departments. If you wish to pursue an MBA program, this is not a bad place to build your career.

4. University Of Chicago – Booth School of Business

– The School was founded in 1898 and is one of the oldest in the United States. The school offers a wide range of educational programs which are either full-time, weekends or evening. It offers MBA degrees, executive MBA programs and other programs. However, most students go for financing or consulting while others go for marketing and entrepreneurship.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT Sloan School of Management

– The School was established 1914 with the aim to provide business training to engineers. The School offers management and research options for students from about 60 other countries. It also engages corporate and other non-profit partners in developing the programs.

6. Columbia Business School

– The business school was established in 1916 and offers MBA, PHD, Executive programs and also training for company’s executives and managers to its Executive Educational Programs. Its boasts of being among the top six Ivy League business schools. The school’s main goal is to provide proper business training for graduate and undergraduate students.

7. North-western University- Kellogg School of Management

– The University offers two variations of MBA programs and has about 8000 graduate and undergraduate students and also part-time. The school has a 1.1 and 2.2 year MBA programs. The 1.1 year program gives the students the opportunity to complete their MBA within a short time while the 2.2 year program is basically the traditional program which has an extended time frame.

Getting an MBA from these schools gives you an opportunity to explore the business world at a greater length and also improves the chances of getting hired by some of the best business firms. If your child is taking an MBA program in one of these schools, you better be armed with the csa contact so as to obtain legal help in case of any irregularities or abuse concerning your child.