The Most Awarded SUV Ever

While the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been classed as the most awarded SUV ever, holding its own in this category is the SUV EcoSport which has received the title as the car receiving the most awards in India. This is not only due to its performance but its ultra-modern design and superb pricing. Its favoritism is not just restricted to India, but is hailed as a superior vehicle across the globe. For those interested in purchasing a SUV that holds no disappointments all they need to do is visit their closest Ford Burbank location.

The Ford EcoSport is commended on its strong Ecoboost petro engine. There is plenty of space in this vehicle which is a top priority for any vehicle owner that has a family to cater to. The reasonable price on this SUV fits in nicely with the budget conscious. Overall the vehicle scores well for its performance and 3 cylinder fuel economy. It has received many comments on its ability to provide a good driving position.

The 1.0 EcoBoost engine has been classed as the international engine for three years in a row.
This SUV has only continued to build its reputation since its award winning performance of sweeping the Bloomberg TV-Autocar of the year awards in 2014. Not only did it claim this award but managed to grab five others which included SUV of the year, Best Value for Money, and Viewer’s Choice Award. Plus, it captured the Engine of the Year award thanks to its EcoBoost and the Technology & Innovation award.
This vehicle was first launched in 2013 and has won never ending praise for all its benefits and features. The Ford Eco Sport managed to pocket about 30 awards for the year 2014.

Going forward into 2016, the Ford EcoSport has had some handling and equipment updates while it has had the exterior spare wheel omitted. The interior has received some small but very important style orientated improvements. The pedals now come with a tighter seal, and updated materials have been used in the doors for better sound proofing. Extra touches like heated front seats, heated mirrors and a heated windscreen is what buyers of the 2016 Ford EcoSport can expect. This small but impressive SUV by Ford is surely going to remain a first choice by many families.

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