The Fashionable Man: Tips For Finding Your Personal Style

While anything fashion is often considered a women’s domain, many men want to look good too, express their personality through their wardrobe, and develop their own sense of style. Sounds easy enough but can be a bit daunting actually. The key is not to become victim to the changing whims of fashion, but to find out what core styles, colors, patterns and fits best compliment you. Here are just a few tips to help you out.

Your Physical Characteristics

Your own unique mix of physical characteristics is an important starting point for cultivating your own personal style. You want to choose colors that compliment your skin tone rather than overpower it. Certain patterns are more flattering on certain body shapes. If you are particularly tall or short, different styles of pants are more or less flattering—for example, someone who is a bit lanky can give the appearance of more ‘heft’ with a nice cuff on the trouser.

The Environment

Your environment, both geographical and professional, is another major factor. Rocking the Miami Vice pastel suit look may seem a bit out of place in the middle of Minnesota. So, before you start buying up a new wardrobe take a minute to consider these two factors. If you live in a hot environment, and work in a very professional setting, such as a bank, you might want to look into some snazzy cotton suits, and lightweight tropical wools. If you need to look professional, but are not required to wear suits, and live in place where summers are generally mild and winters frigid, sports jackets and jeans work well for the summer, while winter can bring the classic wool overcoat, heavy sweaters and tweed.

Your Own Personal Touch

While it is important to pay heed to the type of advice above, it is also important to take into account your own personal desires and what you want to look like. This is the key to really putting together a wardrobe you like, and more importantly, feel confident wearing. Don’t just wear what other people tell you to wear if that style doesn’t resonate with you. If you are a big fan of certain television shows, the comic book culture and what you have you, don’t be afraid to bust out the DragonBall Z t-shirt with a pair of jeans on the weekend. The choices are endless when it comes to patterns, accessories, shoes and the little touches. What aspects of your personality do you want to shine through in your choice of clothing? Your creativity? Your outgoing nature?

Financial Situation

Ah, money—the last, but certainly not least consideration on this little list. While it would be nice to put together a wardrobe with total disregard for a budget, that is not the reality for most. But, don’t despair if you can’t fill your closet with custom-made suits. Consider quality over quantity—all you need is a couple of solid pairs of jeans and shoes that you can wear with a variety of clothing. Suits and jackets can be paired with a wide variety of shirts, creating a variety of looks with just a few pieces. Unless you are particularly tall or short, buying right off the rack should not be a problem, with the option to make some inexpensive alterations for the most optimal fit.

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