How Cigar With Whiskey Makes For Long Life Of Its User

It’s a fact that many say, “Smoking isn’t a good habit for long life.” However, it doesn’t actually sit true when it comes for cigar with whiskey that one find through online deals on Acid. It may sound more like an urban legend, but many who crossed their 90th or 100th birthday did credit their longevity to a combination of cigar with whiskey; which is unusual.

What happens when One Smokes Cigar with Whiskey?

Scientists still don’t have a definite answer to this phenomenon, but if the practice is closely observed that one would know that it’s more of a lifestyle rather than a medically proven health practice. There are few elements that cigar and a peg of whiskey bring along with them and bestow on its user.

  1. Enjoyment: Almost all have cigar with whiskey because they love their combined flavour. This combination brings forth the best of both flavours and then an upgraded flavour to savour. This brings the ultimate enjoyment to the smoker because one cigar can have different flavour when had with variety of whiskeys.
  2. Stress-free moment: In order to experience a cigar with whiskey, one has to keep his mind free and heart clear of everything. This means that there must not be any kind of expectations with anything, but only a wait to light, puff, sip and savour what one is doing. All of that makes one stress free and relaxed.
  3. Relaxation: After a couple of puffs and few pegs the body naturally relaxes. This makes for a great feeling that can’t be compared to anything else. Many look for this feeling at other places, but they don’t find it elsewhere.

When all of that seldom happens elsewhere, at the comfort of one’s own space, which people sometime crave for; it attracts people to cigar with whiskey. A life that is enjoyed to its fullest without having to do many things at different places is what one can expect with this peculiar combination. However, the best part with it is that it is one thing that a person can do by himself without needing someone’s help or assistance. All one has to do is pick a cigar, make a cut, light and puff, while whiskey can go along with whatever he wishes to; neat or on the rocks.

Many avoid smoking completely and keep searching for other ways of living long, but that only makes them involved into complex ways of life that doesn’t suit their needs or lifestyle. All that can be very well avoided, if they learn how to smoke a cigar with a peg of whiskey. Alternatively, being a blind taste enthusiast of cigar is another pastime that many can get busy with. There are plethoras ofonline deals on Acid brand of cigars where the manufacturer also bestows its clients with blind tasting cigar packages. The results can be then sent to the manufacturer to get some sample cigars or accessories.

The membership to cigar clubs is another way to add some more years to one’s life with good cigars, excellent company and single malt whiskey.