Spell Love With Trending Shades Of Exotic Flowers This Valentine’s Day

Just like birthdays seem so incomplete without a birthday cake, Valentine’s Day loses its charm without the appropriate bouquet of flowers. Generally the notion is to pick only red roses, as that’s the quintessential for expressing love. In India trends have changed in recent years. Now it’s not only red roses that people chose to send to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. For lovers, friends and family, there are plenty of different exotic varieties available in various pretty arrangements and enjoyable shades. Combination or mixed flower bunches are also a great hit among flower gift shoppers. Valentines Day flowers delivery in India has gone a long way, with online florists catering to some of the most exquisite flower bouquets in unique shades and shapes.

As Valentine’s Day 2017 approaches, it is interesting to dig deep to find out which flowers and shades are expected to steal the show. ‘Uniqueness’ is the buzz word. Every lover wants to surprise his/her partner with the most gorgeous flower bunch ever, but lack of knowledge about what’s trending, can make all sincere efforts futile. To impress anyone this Valentine’s Day, the best flowers are orchids, lilies, lavender and of course roses.

Unique hued Roses

Choosing roses does not mean going with the same old red rose. There are innumerable new rose varieties that have expanded the color palette and the fragrance chart. Classy shades of orange, red and pinks are on the forefront. Sun kissed raspberry, dark velvety red, royal scarlet or the grandiose of plush pink; all these can spell love as much as the regular red roses. If the roses are meant for a man or just a friend, bold yellow or double shaded yellow roses are one of the best fits for the occasion.

Alluring Shades of Orchid

Flowers are not only appealing to the eye but have the power to rekindle love and stir up emotions. Deep purple, shades of blue and buttery hues are among some of the most desired flowers. An elegant vase full of orchids or a mixed arrangement of purple orchids, pale pink roses and orange gerberas can be a delightful treat for a lover.

Tempting Colors of Lilies

Every florist’s rack has a wide variety of lilies. Asiatic, Calla, Star gazer and Oriental lilies are the most admired flowers in bouquets. Shaded varieties in pink, pale orange, plum, purple, sunshine yellow and creamy white are the trending Valentine’s Day choices for the season. Creativity also plays a major part in selecting the best Valentine’s Day flower bouquet because an artistic lover can spot the matchless color combination added with glamorous trimmings and sophisticated presentation; all in one bunch of flowers.

For confused people, the florist can definitely be a big help in making suggestions for sweethearts, family members or best buddies. If the budget is tight, selecting similar shades of flowers from the range of gladiolas, daisies and carnations also make the occasion equally cheerful. The aim is to present a charming bouquet that speaks volumes even without a lengthy note or a well prepared speech.