Key Pointers for Valentine’s Day

The ‘Sun City’ or the ‘Blue City’ of India, Jodhpur is fast becoming an educational hub with the large number of educational institutions cropping up. This indicates that there is a huge influx of younger crowd in the city. Already known for its tourism, Jodhpur is fast turning into a city with a great party life. Moreover, considering the young crowd, there is an increasing awareness about celebrating special days like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, etc. Valentine’s Day is a day when practically everybody plans to celebrate or take part in it in some or the other way.  Gifting flowers, cards, chocolates and cakes, and other Valentine’s Day related paraphernalia is a common sight on the shops in the markets.

However, despite the availability of Valentine’s Day gifts, quality of those gifts is often a concern. Moreover, as the V-Day looms closer, many guys (and gals included) start to fret and stress over what to gift their beau. While many get into their creative best under stress, many buckle under the pressure committing gifting faux-pas that could spell doom! Apart from choosing the gift, many people commit Valentines faux-pas even when they have chosen a great gift.

Here are some key pointers that V-Day enthusiasts can keep in mind to play it cool, make the right choice and win the heart of a loved one on Valentine’s Day.

  • What’s the perfect gift?

What or who decides what a perfect gift is? It is important to understand (and accept) that the thought behind the gift counts, whatever the gift is. Keeping that in mind, it is important to ensure that the gift is neither too much to handle nor is it too little. Try maintaining a balance and go the extra mile while sending valentines day gifts to Jodhpur.

  • Add meaning to a gift

While gifting, it is important to add meaning to a gift. One should be able to relate to the gift and answer the question: why that particular gift? Does it mean something to the recipient? What does it mean for the sender? What does the gift imply? Does it add meaning to the relationship?

  • What stage of relationship is it?

This is an important factor to consider. A gift in a new relationship should be different from a marriage, or from a live-in couple. As the relationship ages, one should keep in mind that the maturity of the gift increases as well. For example, gifting lingerie is inappropriate in a new relationship, unless the equation of relationship calls for it.

  • Presentation

Presentation plays a key role is gifting. One can simply gift the figs, or create a drama around it. This depends on the type of person the recipient of the gift is. Moreover, a gift well wrapped, presented in a timely fashion at the right place and time, is bound to win hearts!

Anyone planning to send flowers to India for valentine must consider these pointers for V-Day gifting. The convenience, ease, quality and prompt delivery can ensure that quality gifts like flowers, chocolates and cakes, personalized gifts, combos and hampers, lifestyle fashion and accessories, kitchenware, ceramics, crystal ware, etc. are available while shopping online. Delivery and transaction are equally easy to manage and in today’s time, is one of the most hassle-free modes of shopping.