Sleepless In Delhi: The Best Spots To Hit In The City At Night

In Delhi and restless post 12 pm? Worry not. The city is a sea of potential outcomes and choices for everything you can imagine. And so on, and Delhi has it. So in the event that you are one nightcrawler who awakens in the dead of the night and looks for alternatives to make the best out of the dim, then this area will ideally help you out. 

If you are a night creature, or a forced one, whose life is juggling around flights between Delhi and Bangalore for business purposes, then read ahead, for this section is tailor made for you, mate!


JNU is known for its hard to-break ways and long, tedious study sessions. Regardless, this throbbing school is exuberant and dynamic amid the day and night, both. In spite of the fact that having an academic environment, one can likewise discover a large group of dhabas, canteens and stunning food spots, JNU is another perfect spot for the midnight owls. Do visit their 24X7 eatery for some lip-smacking dishes and astounding talks!

India Gate

This is one spot which you have to visit with your mates, particularly when you have a craving for having a midnight ice cream session, or if you simply wish to laze around and chill out! Besides the spotless and wide boulevards, India Gate has the perfect set up at night where you can snap some selfies, which apparently will turn out to be too good. Now don’t expect any street food here around this time. For that you can always head to Pandara Road, which is in close proximity from here.

Patel’s Chest 

DU’s North Campus is a radical new and element world in itself. This range of Delhi is up till late hours of the night. You can see a great deal of night owls hanging at the Patel Chest territory of Delhi. Satisfy your hunger at Patel Chest with their egg noodles, bun-tea and after that you can stroll around the roads of the grounds, or head towards the quiet VC gardens.

The Ridge Road

Presently this is for the adrenaline junkies who are more than open, meeting and encountering the paranormal. Yes, the Ridge Road is a standout amongst the most frequented spots in Delhi which ought to really not be gone by amid the late hours of the night, however, for the insane night crawlers, who like to take the street less taken, proceed, mates! The Delhi Ridge is an unpleasant and uneven, forested zone where as indicated by witnesses, a white britisher rides on steed with no head, taking a sword in his grip.


Penta mid, additionally called Penta medicos is a hospital actually, which has a canteen, that happens to be an acclaimed night spot in Delhi. It is open from 4 am to 12 pm and is best known for its Maggi which comes in more than 100 types. More than 100 sorts of maggi, burgers, sandwiches and pasta are its specialty which attracts night foodies to visit this spot. This is perhaps one of the best things to do in Delhi at night to suppress those throbbing hunger pangs in your tummy!

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