Serious About Hunting- Learn Key Shooting Tips

We all know that gun shooting is not a child’s play and no one can have a better shooting experience without proper training. Several factors will determine your success in the field, such as your shooting technique, the shotgun, nature of your targeted animal, wind direction and overall your experience in the field.

No mater how much experience you have in shooting and hunting, you may have to face new challenges everyday in the ranges. That is why we are suggesting not going out for hunting in the range if you do not have proper knowledge about shooting and hunting. For more information, you can log in to useful informative sites like

Here, we will discuss about some key aspects that are very important for a shooter who is serious about his success.

Lead your target while shooting a moving bird
If you find that birds are flying in your left or right direction instead coming towards you, you have to ‘lead’ them. If you point your gun at a moving bird and shoot, you are probably going to miss the target. The best thing to do is, you have to point your gun a bit forward than the actual position of the target.

You have to keep in mind that your shotgun will swing right after you have pulled the trigger to finish the stroke. However, there is an old saying that “its better to miss ahead than behind”. Thus, always try to lead the target if you are shooting a moving animal.

Prefer short range if you are inexperienced in this felid
Most of the beginners tend to choose long target and miss their target repeatedly. Before shooting on the target, you should know that the effective range of a shotgun is 40 meters and if a shooter sets his target beyond this limit, there will be very low rate of success.

Thus, try to set target within 40 meters and follow proper shooting technique to avail a successful shooting experience.

Choose a suitable location
If you have decided to shoot birds, then lakes, rivers, steams, estuaries, swamps ponds or drain can be some ideal locations where many birds come in groups.

You can ride on boat if you like to shoot from water, as it will allow you to cover more areas from where you can shoot your target from short distance.

Shoot the target with right approach
If you have been able to find a perfect location for shooting and hunting, the next best thing you have to do is, keeping calm and patience. While shooting in range, you have to keep in mind that your little movement can alert your target and that can spoil your shooting and hunting experience.

You can also use a mask, so that you can concentrate on your target properly. Always use a stealthy approach, when you are hunting in locations such as stretch of river, a pond, drains or any low grounds.

Watch out for timing and weather
Dawn and dusk is believed to be the best time for shooting and hunting, as most of birds gather in groups in that time. However, bad weather is considered good for hunting and shooting, because most of birds are rafted up on large marshes and fly to some small areas to find shelters. Thus, go out in ranges in perfect weather and time.