Samsung Galaxy S4: The Recommended Android Phone

Apple never launches the mid-range Smartphone but Apple is following the interesting strategy as at launch of iPhone 6, iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 acts as the mid range devices because of the configuration and price difference and similar thing is walking with the Samsung. Galaxy S6 is about to launch and now earlier launched devices like Galaxy S4 are selling in the market with the mid-price range tag. And still it offers the premium things of Samsung, just see the Samsung Galaxy S7.

If we talk more about the Galaxy S4, the work of integration of components is worthy of praise because Samsung has expanded each technical feature compared to Galaxy S3 most remarkable way. As you can see, the screen is much larger, talk about 5 inches AMOLED with a resolution Full HD 720p vs. Galaxy S3. It can be seen as the screen comes practically to occupy the entire width of the terminal. The height of the terminal is exactly the same as the Galaxy S3 and despite enjoying the hardware upgrades the South Korean company has managed to lower the weight.

The sides of the terminal are plastic and even paint outstandingly mimics a metal frame brushed aluminum, the reality is that it is more lightweight and durable plastic. As you can see the finish seems like a metallic outer frame but we assure you that is plastic material used by Samsung to reduce weight and, because of its flexibility, absorb minor impacts without structural damage to the terminal. On the right side we have the power button and lock / unlock WHILE than the left lateral double volume control button and zoom in photo / video is available. The top of the smartphone integrates the secondary microphone and infrared emitter, because we can use our terminal as a traditional remote for our TV, and hands free connector.

The bottom integrates the main microphone and also micro-USB connector to synchronize content and load the terminal. Commented that supports MHL, i.e. also serves as a connector to get digital audio / video while connected to an external display. And the rear has a slot for external speaker on the bottom and the Samsung logo in the top center and has the 12.8 Megapixel rear camera with flash Unit.

Samsung became the first company after Google with its Nexus 4 to offer a smartphone that works on the version of Android, Jelly Bean 4.2.2 out of the box, however, for the end user this is camouflaged under the Samsung interface. The system is very easy to use because it integrates five desktops default can customize with our shortcuts and favorite widgets and then a button which appear all applications that are installed on the terminal listed. Moreover, there is good news as Samsung is rolling Lollipop update for the Galaxy S4, so you can enjoy the latest Android version.

Galaxy S4 is still one of the best phone in the mid-range Android devices but if your search is for an interesting device then wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 to come after few months from now.