How To Stop Dry Heaving Symptoms and Tips

Dry heaving can be defined as a repetitive involuntary gag that is not followed by vomit. You might have experienced an instant bout of spew approaching your way but it never actually happens. This involuntarily barfs without any release is actually dry heaves. Though the act of nausea has stopped, the brain continues to create the sensation of retching. Dry heaving is a very unpleasant condition where there is an abdominal contraction, forcing you to throw out but nothing ever comes out.

At times, dry heaving can be lead by nausea and eventually reach to vomiting. The dry heaves often calm down by own, but continuous cases to the same can’t be ignored. Thus, it is equally important to know the symptoms to the dry heaves.


A person having continuous headaches feel nauseous and thus wanted to release the palpating feeling that usually results in dry heaves. Palpitations are generally caused by drinking too much coffee and results in puking.

Dryness of Throat

Have you ever felt that your mouth and throat have become dry after vomiting? This is the sign of dry heaving.

Abdominal Pain and Loss of Appetite

One of the main causes of dry heaving is an empty stomach and the common symptom is a real abdominal pain, it hints that something is wrong inside your stomach and therefore you have experienced a dry heave.

You can get over to dry heaves by treating it immediately.  Here are some points to remember to get relieved of dry heaves.

1.    Sweet foods

If you have low blood pressure or low sugar level, eat something sweet to avoid dry heaving.  Intake of sweet regulates the puking and also maintains the insulin levels.

2.    Eat Frequently

Eating too much over a single diet or eating nothing at all can cause dry heaving. Therefore, it is advised to eat in small portions, but make sure that you eat consistently on time.

3.    Hydrate Yourself

Drink sufficient amount of fluids every day. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated. A substantial amount of liquids or sports drink reenergizes the body and also soothes the heaving portion.

4.    Decrease Your Caffeine Intake

You might be drinking coffee, to boost yourself for the day, but do you know that caffeine can harm your gastrointestinal tract. The infections can also cause vomiting, this it best to restrict yourself from the caffeine and alternatively, start your day with fresh fruit juice.

5.    Eat foods rich in fiber

Your mouth feels weird and sometimes you taste the bitterness of your palate that causes dry heave. Dry crackers and unflavored toast help in relieving the sensitivity in your palate. Eat foods like eggs, tofu, and cereals to stop the dry heave.

These are some easy tips and steps to alleviate dry heaving, but remember even after following these simple tips and home remedies, if heaving doesn’t stop, it would be best to visit a doctor at once.


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