Finalizing An Auto Collision Repair Shop – Things To Consider

Restoring your car after an accident could be an expensive affair, especially if the damage is severe. Unfortunately, some of the body shops tend to favor the insurance companies and hence, routinely downplay claims, use substandard parts, or minimize the cost of auto repair. Such practices could devalue your vehicle.

Here are some basic things that you need to look for, while choosing an auto collision repair services. There is always a tendency to visit the nearest available auto shop. However, will that be your best choice?

Tips to Choose the Right Auto shop

Consider the Location

The location is an important aspect to consider, because the charges for the services depend on the location of each repair shop. If the shop is situated in a posh neighborhood, then don’t be shocked if their labor charges are much more than the other smaller shops.

Look for More than One Estimation

Get estimates from various auto collision repair services. In case, you pay for the repair from your pocket, try to get two to three estimates before you choose one. This way, you can be sure that you are getting the best price.

Word of Mouth

Ask your neighbors, colleagues or friends about their experiences. If someone had a horrid experience in getting the repairs done in a particular shop, then you might choose another one. Each one has their own views, and you must also keep your opinion in mind while collecting the feedback. Make sure that you have your priorities in mind while shifting through the references and reviews.

Ask Questions

When you are doing your research on an auto collision repair service, don’t bite your tongue. In case, you are not sure about something, it is better to clarify your doubts now rather than paying for something that you were not expecting at all. Also, check about the warranties. Make sure that the repair work will not invalidate your existing warranties.

Specialty Shops

If you own a foreign vehicle, then look for a shop that specializes in repairing such vehicles. This means less cost and less hassles, because the repair experts are familiar with the vehicle’s construction, and they can do the job flawlessly.

Do Trust your Instinct

Although the research process will help you collect plenty of information, it is your instinct that will assist you in choosing the best collision repair shop for your requirements. Consider various factors logically and also go by your gut feeling.

Get the Commitments in Writing

When the representative from the auto body shop or your insurance adjuster assures to pay for almost everything like “completely covering the rental car” or “restoring the car to its original condition”, then it is prudent to get these commitments in writing. Make sure that the promises or agreement made is official and accurate.

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