Places To Visit In Los Angeles

Are you swinging through Los Angeles soon? Los Angeles offers tourists and travelers the ideal climate along with a wide range of things to do for an exciting, enriching trip. If you’re a sports nut you can catch a baseball or basketball game for your fix. Nature lovers would enjoy a visit to a museum of natural history. Whatever you decide to do make sure to take your time as you visit this beautiful West Coast hot spot.

Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

If you’re into nature this may be your stop. Dinosaur fans can check out the Dinosaur Hall to see a rare Tyrannosaurus Rex growth series. Enjoy a few acres’ worth of Nature Gardens and you can also check out the Gem and Mineral Hall to round up your day. Visiting this museum would be a fun, enriching day spent in LA for a growing family.

Head to the Ballpark

Baseball fans have no shortage of games to attend during the spring, summer and fall months. LA is home to the storied Dodgers franchise. The 6 time World Series Champions are guaranteed to offer you an entertaining afternoon or evening at the ballpark. On the field activities are only a tiny part of the entire package; going to the old ballgame is an entertaining experience for both game watchers and stands watchers. From soaking up some of the more unique, passionate fans in the cheap seats to enjoy nachos, sodas and hot dogs you have the makings of a fun day spent in Los Angeles without breaking the bank.

Hoops Nuts Please Apply

The LA Lakers and Clippers are perennial competitors in the NBA. Going to an NBA game is the perfect way to cap off a winter time visit to Los Angeles. Like visiting a Dodgers’ game you’re likely to enjoy the audience activity, sights and smells as much as you enjoy the action on the court.

Star gazing is also a fun past time at a Clippers or Lakers game. Movie and TV celebrities are often spotted court side by the eagle eyed fan. Consider bringing your binoculars if you’ll be enjoyed the game from the cheap seats.

Pro basketball games are fast-paced, high scoring affairs which typically are contested right up until the last few minutes of the game. Have a blast in Los Angeles by catching some serious hoops action with the local franchises.

Hit the Beach

Any Los Angeles trip would be incomplete without a visit to Venice Beach. Whether you need to book a place to stay in LA for the weekend or you’ll be in and out in 1 day Venice Beach is a must see spot.

Venice Beach is known world-wide for being a meeting point of eclectic personalities. From the bodybuilders pumping out a few more reps at Gold’s Gym to the colorful street performers on the boardwalk you have more than enough stuff to watch and do during your stay at this iconic LA hot spot.

Do you have some game basketball-wise? Ask for next at the hoops court to test your game against some serious competition.

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