Online Proctored Exams – Rules And Regulations

 While there are numerous advantages of taking online proctored exam, it is always better to understand the rules and regulations of taking exams at proctored exams centers.

You know about the advantages of going through exams proctoring services like taking exams at the comfort of your home or office, saving on commuting time along with other benefits. And if there are advantages then how can disadvantages be far behind. Disadvantages like – restricted hand and eye movement among other things.

But then did you know that what you perceive as advantages and disadvantages are in reality the rules and regulations that need to followed to the T, if you don’t want your examination to be terminated and if you want to earn that certification.

Proctored Exam Centers – Rules And Regulations To Be Followed

Exam Proctoring services have certain set of rules and regulations that need to be followed strictly in case you want to give the exam successfully. One slight miss (even innocently) can lead to the cancellation or termination of your exam. And your result invalidated. And each proctored exam center has its own additional sets of rules and regulations and you need to study them thoroughly before applying for that center for your online proctored exam.

So here they are—

1. Depending upon the Office or Home Setting

Whether you are taking the exam in your home or your office. The entire set-up should meet the required criteria for taking the exam. Even if anyone of the criteria is found to be flouted the proctor has a right to terminate your exam and invalidate your results. So be mindful and ensure that your office or home settings has the following –

  • The office or the room where you will be taking the exam should be walled with a closed door and no disruptions. If taking at home, choose the room that is away from disruptions.
  • Ensure that there is no third party intervention during the exam session. Either hang a don’t disturb sign outside your office door or lock your room’s door from inside when taking the exam at home.

2. When Communicating with Greeter and Proctor

Below mentioned are regulations related to how you can communicate with the greeter and your proctor before the exam starts and also during the exam

  • Phone: As you are checking-in for the exam, you will be required to give your phone number to communicate with you post that you will be required to keep your phone out of reach but at a place where you can still hear it.
  • Chat window: it is the most common way your greeter and proctor will communicate with you during your exam.
  • Microphone: and in case you want to communicate with proctor and greeter during your exam, you can do so through microphone.
  • Language: English language will be the mode of communication with both greeter and proctor.
  • Verifying Your Identity: Without identity verification will not be allowed to give the exam