To Improve English Writing

The Art of Writing:

The art of writing comes very easy to some people who are very interested in seeing their writing read by many and be good enough to be appreciated for it. Just like photography or other skills, writing is a skill which has to be learnt the hard way for many and it comes easy for some. Those who find it difficult to write have to learn it the hard way and there is no way out. In the field of education, if you have to progress and express your thoughts and express what you have studied for example in an exam, then the right method has to be learnt. There are many types of writing assignments such as essays, stories, technical writing and writing for exams which is very important for school kids. Even as you enter into the business world or for any profession, you cannot do without it.

The Best Way:

There is help available for those who find it difficult to write. There are tutorials and lessons based on the general English writing rules which include the grammatical correctness, the use of the right words, types of sentences, and other stylish aspects of the language. Every language has grammar to be mastered if you want to write in it. The same is with English. But the easy part is unlike many languages, which have hundreds of alphabets; English has just twenty six and is very easy to learn once you have made up your mind.


In order to write well without any mistakes and to have a quality written work, one must read more and more. As they say if you want to talk then listen, and if you want to write, then read. The first step towards this objective is to read more books and articles and journals, then this will help in building the vocabulary, the next aspect is to read and to learn the roots of the words. Generally the roots are from Latin or Greek.

The most important aspect of writing English is to learn the phrases which are unique to the language and the right usage of the phrases. This will make the piece of writing more interesting and attractive.

The Internet:

The internet is the best place to go to for learning the wring skill in English. They have videos and audio resources that will help you in this endeavour, there are videos which will teach and give tips to improve writing skills. The internet and online learning can be very low cost and when you form a group of people with the like objectives, then it becomes easier and fun filled activity. As they say, a group can achieve more than what an individual can.

The online tools should be used effectively to learn. There is a dictionary application which can be downloaded free on to the android mobile phone and when you have time to spare such as while travelling, you can make use of it.

Many websites send you the articles and the newsletters about how to improve English writing if you register with them and for free.

It will be more useful to have contact on the internet with the native speakers and writers of the language and this can teach you the right usage of words. Above all nothing can equal or replace experience and hard work and in order to be able to learn the English writing rules, practicing is the best option and then checking it with experts who can tell you how to improve the language.