Office Moving Checklist

Moving an office or business tends to be a bigger task than moving a household. With good planning and preparation it’s possible to have your move go smoothly. Here are some suggestions to keep your Vancouver office move on track.

  • Determine a time frame and schedule – A time frame should include the following items, number one is the date when all the office related items need to be out of the present space. This date will be the same day as the final moving date. Working backwards from there estimate how many days are it will take to move and make a list of all the things that have to be done.
  • Assign tasks – Delegate specific tasks is the best way to keep employees involved in the move or a moving committee if necessary for bigger moves. Review the list as things progress and additional ones can be added as the moving date approaches.
  • Set up internal and external communication plans – Employees are kept informed with the internal plan and the external communication plan will keep clients and suppliers up to date on business activities.
  • Hire professional movers – Experienced movers do this every day, compile a list of the top 5 corporate movers in the area. Investigate thoroughly before you hire one, lastly compare services provided, determine the budget and get quotes.
  • Hire professional packers – If the budget allows it professionals know how to pack up the common office spaces that can be difficult to pack and move. Employees can be responsible for their own desk, suggest this is a good time to discard any unnecessary items.
  • Create a new office space plan – To avoid confusion a plan for the new office serves a guide for furnishings etc, and the more detailed the smoother the move will be.
  • Talk to current vendors – Some service providers may need to change depending on the distance to the new office space. Determine if the telephone lines and network infrastructure meet the needs of the new location. Talk to landlords and vendors to ensure there is no disruption in your day to day business.
  • Keep employees informed and updated – An office move affects your employees and they may have concerns about commute times, parking etc. If the new space is smaller inform them of where their desk will be located at the new space.

Vancouver Corporate Movers has assisted companies just like yours enjoy a worry free office move, why not contact us for your next office move.