How To Choose The Right Drug For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem and the likelihood of evolving this condition upsurges with age. Certainly, it is considered that half of all males between 40 and 70 years would experience signs of male impotence at some degree. It must be noted that any man, at any age can suffer from the disease at some point, though this is usually normal and is only while the problem continues or deteriorates in severity will it be measured to be erectile dysfunction. Certainly, should you experience the symptoms of male impotence for more than a few weeks it might be time to visit a doctor who will be capable to assess your health and prescribe a proper treatment that will help you manage this condition.

Buy ed drugs online: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra as well as Spedra are the most popular representatives of PDE-5 inhibitors. It is also significant to realize that these drugs only work while a man is sexually stimulated.


Viagra is the unique ‘little blue marvel pill’ and is one of the most popular medicines accessible as it was the first toward come to market. Usually Viagra starts working in about half an hour. It is better to take the drug on an empty stomach. Effects of this medicine normally last around four to five hours however the time can differ depending on the personal features of the patient. Viagra comprises the active drug element Sildenafil Citrate. This is the ‘generic’ form plus you can be poised that generic forms of this drug are precisely the similar as long as they are bought from a trustworthy source for example an assured online pharmacy.


Cialis typically has a faster start of action than Viagra and its effects could be observed as rapidly as fifteen or twenty minutes. This drug can last as long as thirty six hours meaning it continues for a longer period of time as well. Cialis could be taken as a ‘while required’ tablet (10mg or 20mg) or on a daily basis (2.5mg or 5mg). The once every day dose regimen is suggested for men who expect sex more than twice a week as well as want to be ‘ready’ for intercourse at any time without waiting the pill to start working. Cialis comprises the active drug component Tadalafil.


Levitra typically starts working in about an hour after being taken. Its effects can last as extensive as five hours. Levitra comprises the active medicinal substance Vardenafil. Levitra has revealed to be effective in men with diabetes; though, this does not mean that Levitra is the single erectile dysfunction medication appropriate or effective for men who suffer from diabetes


Spedra comprises the drug Avanafil and it typically starts working within half an hour just like Viagra. Spedra is a comparatively new product and was formally released in October 2013.

Another effective method of treatment includes alternations in lifestyle. A healthy diet, regular exercising, reduction in alcohol, weight control are some important lifestyle choices that will improve not only your sexual but overall health. Contact your doctor for more detailed information and recommendations regarding the treatments of erectile dysfunction that would be proper for your particular case.