Nex Data Center, A World-class Provider For Colocation Jakarta

The development of information technology nowadays is very rapid with more and more people who are utilizing the information technology for their personal and also business need. It is not only about the digital use which is improving rapidly because people are able to find great improvement associated with the infrastructure for the information technology. Colocation center or familiarly known as colocation is sort of data center which performs in providing equipment, space, and bandwidth either for rent or retail. There are various kinds of facilities that commonly offered by colocation including space, power, and cooling and also physical security.

Many organizations choose to use the collocation data center for ensuring that their data can be saved properly and safely in efficient way. Those facilities are beneficial to maintain all the equipment and server in the data center. Colocation also works by connecting all the facilities to numerous network service providers and telecommunications using high complexity but more affordable in cost. Nex data center is actually one of Indonesian colocation center which is located in Cyber 2 Tower, CBD Area, Jakarta. Nex data center happens to be colocation Jakarta which offers colocation server and data center services with world-class level.

Nex data center is considered as top data center in Indonesia since this colocation data center is the host of many experts in this industry. Since it was established, this colocation data center has created great history due to its services in setting up and operating data center in Indonesia especially in Jakarta. Due to its work experience in this industry for many years, nex data center has many has many customers that come from various places in Indonesia and this can be critical proof that this company is able to afford the need of data center from various companies and organizations.

Nex data center comes with the goal to provide a secured and diverse network connectivity to Indonesia’s IT infrastructure needs. To achieve the goals, they provide solutions for many problems that commonly faced by colocation server and data center services so anytime there problem with the service, skilled staff will be ready to fix it as soon as possible. One of the solutions that are offered by Nex data center is power.

Nex data center offers totally redundant and flexible power supplies since it uses certified tier 3 data center with N+1 at minimum. Nex data center also provide guarantee to the power supplies to convince that it truly works well. The cooling system that is used by Nex data center is more advanced since it employs dual cooling system which combines the use of air cooled and chilled water. This cooling system is suitable for complex dispersion which usually needs high power. Nex data center design their data center to be worked efficiently.

How Nex data center offers energy efficient works cannot be separated with the innovation and latest technology that are used. With the advanced technology and trustable resource of energy, Nex data center becomes one of the top data center in Indonesia. Security also becomes main concern of this colocation Jakarta so that, it is equipped with various kinds of security systems such as round-the-clock monitoring.

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