DIY Greeting Cards – 6 Reasons To Give It A Go

The faster the world moves toward an all-digital future, the more fashionable it’s becoming to take a step back and do things a little more old-school. Take for example the subject of greeting cards – these days it’s really never been easier to click a few buttons and order a million and one greeting cards, but at the same time more people than ever before are choosing to make their own at home. Why is this the case? Well, it all comes down to the fact that the easier something is to do, the less meaning and sentiment it carries. After all, you might mean well by sending a card online, but when something takes 25 seconds to do and can be done from a smartphone on the way to work, it doesn’t exactly show real thought and effort.

So if you still haven’t tried your hand at making your own cards, now’s the time to get on-board. According to the experts at, the best advice is to combine the best of the web with a little classic DIY – order the kit you need online and then get busy with some awesome arts and crafts. And if you’re still unconvinced as to why it makes so much sense, here’s a quick rundown of six reasons why DIY card-making really is beyond compare:

1 – You’ll Have a Great Time

First and foremost, it’s not until you get down n’ dirty with these kinds of crafts that you realise just how much fun it can be. Not exactly the artistic type? Not a problem – you might actually find it’s all the more fun if you’re pretty useless when it comes to artistic pursuits and the results you come up with are so amateurish they’re adorable! Sure, it might be more convenient to just buy cards online, but there’s nothing like the fun of doing things the old-fashioned way. And if afterwards you can honestly say you didn’t have fun, at least you tried…right?

2 – You’ll Get Creative

You might have reached the assumption that you’re not the creative type, but when did you last put yourself to the test? If the answer is many years ago or perhaps when you were still at school, you’re long overdue another opportunity to see how creative you really are. This isn’t about creating works of art or full-blown masterpieces, but rather just playing around with a few craft supplies and seeing what the depths of your imagination can come up with. Suffice to say, one way or the other you might be more than a little surprised!

3 – You’re Making Thoughtful Gifts

Back to one of the original points touched upon earlier, perhaps the best things of all about creating cards at home is the way in which you’re creating not just cards, but genuinely thoughtful gifts in their own right. Think of it this way – if a person received 99 birthday cards that were bought from a store and one homemade card like nothing they’ve seen before, which do you think they’re going to hold onto? These are fantastic gifts that say a hell of a lot more than all the store-bought cards in the world ever could – again, even if they’re not exactly works of art.

4 – You’ll Get to Use Your Own Words

It’s all well and good to find a card on the shelf that says something nice in it, but these aren’t your words and nor are they unique to your card alone. By contrast, when you create your own cards from scratch you get to put things in your own words which means a card that both means more and is 100% unique. Even if you’re not a poet and don’t exactly know how to put together a sonnet, anything you say that comes from the heart will be perfect.

5 – You’ll Save Money

On the financial side of things, making your own cards at home will usually work out vastly cheaper than picking them up in any good store. Quality cards are getting more and more expensive all the time – at least if you’re out to pick up high-end cards rather than bulk boxes of 200 at a time.

6 – You’ll Be Able to Involve the Kids

Last but not least, don’t forget that you’ve already got something of a readily-available workforce at home that can help make things so much easier and more fun to boot. Kids just love getting involved when it comes to these kinds of activities and in terms of the cute and adorable results they’ll come up with…well, you just have to give it a try and see for yourself!