Muay Thai – The Befitting Elegant Art Of Thailand

When we speak about physical training modes, a lot of them strike our mind. One very amazing way of physical activity is that of martial arts. One inhibits martial arts for various reasons. The reason can be personal, like in the case of self-defense, where it is very important to protect and stand up for yourself and this is why it has gained a lot of prominence lately especially among women too. Another reason for opting for martial arts is that of health and fitness. Since we all are very aware about the benefits of being fit and we always want to be away from diseases.

We today relate to martial arts as only to a fight but the fact is this is performed for mental peace and also for a sort of spiritual development.

Muay Thai is a sport which is largely practiced in Thailand. This is in fact national sport of the country. The whole idea of this sport revolves around making your body as a form of weapon. In this sport our hand act like a sword, your forearms and shins become like a shield and your elbow works like a hammer and the leg along with knee acts like an axe.

This sport emerged and went through a lot of changes to get the shape that it has. Sports always have a thing of getting new and better with every day. Sometimes they have tiny log that has been attached to their shins and this is used to strike the opponent. The main idea to do this is not just to hit the opponent hard but also to act like a covering for your shin as to protect it. One important element of being a Muay fighter is to have ones shin and the skin to be strong. Learn more from the Siam Muay Thai Academy.

Tricks in Siam Muay

Different modes of training method to be a fighter were used. They believed that just by practicing certain tricks, they would not just be enough. They incorporated the nature’s element and saw how well they can use it as a part of their training skill. One of the most widely used techniques was that of digging a pit. In this one had to dig a pit in which you could fit easily and then come out of it. In this the real power of an individual’s legs can be tested. Another way of testing the strength of legs was to walk against a stream that is strong.

One’s eyes have to be open always to give the opponent a tough fight. And only if your eyes are open, straight into the opponent then you can give them a strong fight. Training method were one can test the ability of their eyes are also designed. The fighters were made to stand in the rivers where they had to let the water be slapped on their face and what the fighters had to do was not blink their eyes. They made all attempts to see to that their eyes are open.