Meet An Eminent Personality Offering Best Nursing Care To Patients

Remember the ‘Lady with a Lamp’? Yes, we are definitely reminded about Florence Nightingale, who had selflessly helped hundreds of soldiers and bestowed them with new life during the Crimean War. It was probably due to the outbreak of such a massive war that brought her to prominence. But there are hundreds of Florence Nightingales around us who work regularly and provide service to the common masses. Nurses take utmost care to make sure that every patient who gets admitted to a hospital feels comfortable and recovers faster.

If you look out for one woman who can stand as an example to the present and the future generations to come, it is undoubtedly Gloria Pedruco. Throughout her career of nursing, she has been a dedicated woman and has religiously done the best she could cater to the needs of all her patients. A motherly figure, she made sure that her patients recovered without any sort of mental anxiousness or agony. During her long term of service as a nurse, she has set an example for people to follow.  Being a pro in human psychology, she can analyze the mental agony of her patients in a great way. This helps her create a strong bonding with every patient whom she attends.  A noble lady in every way, people like Gloria restore people’s faith in humanity.

What would hospitals be like without nurses?

Can you imagine a hospital without nurses? Probably you can. But in that case, imagine the difference in the care of the patients. Robots and machines would definitely not suffice the mental needs of the common people. This shows that though medical science has developed to a great extent, it has not and probably will never be able to replace the love and care bestowed by the nurses on their patients.  It is the existences of these women in the hospitals that help the patient get a homely atmosphere. When you have a motherly figure like Gloria Pedruco around you, you can always free yourself from any sort of anxiety and fear.

Their love and duty is above all monetary calculations that can be made

At times people think that these nurses work only because they are being paid. In that case, there are a number of professions where you get paid well. But seldom do you find people who work as selflessly as these women do. We can never in any way compare or repay their duties through any sort of monetary sum. The fact that these people can give such love and affection to other people makes us respect them all the more. When most of us would like to go back home after a long tiring day and relax, these women are on duty throughout the day and night. Even they have families, but their patients become their family once they step out of their own house. Great are these women who are bestowed with such humanity and humane feelings.