Make Innovative Dishes By Using NOS Canisters

Nitrous oxide with large number of uses is also used as a drug. Nitrous oxide is an inflammable gas which is having a sweet odor. Inhalation of this drug leads to hallucinations and people feel relaxed after inhaling this one. Because of this reason it is very popular now days in parties. Apart from this illegal usage there are some considerable uses of nitrous oxide:

  • Used by dentists to numb the pain while extractions or any other treatment.
  • Nitrous oxide acts as an oxidizing agent increases the output of any engine so are used as chargers in engine
  • Now days caterers use nitrous oxide as it makes whipped cream which is the tool for garnishing every sweet.

What are Nos Canisters?

Nos canisters are small cylinders which contain nitrous oxide in them for the kitchen use.

Why Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide stops the growth of bacteria and makes the cream to expand. When nitrous oxide is released with pressure in cream it makes foam there and hence cream expands.

It is a common mentality that the food which looks good will taste good. If you yourself go in market and you have to make choice between any two eatables you will first look at the product which is looking good. So garnishing of food is very important as garnishing makes it look fascinating. Different cosines have different garnishing material but the one common garnishing material used to garnish sweets is whipped cream. Using whipped cream you can garnish chocolate fudge or cakes etc in whatever way you want, provided you have a creative mind. Otherwise there are lots of ideas available on internet to make the best use of whipped cream.

So for making whipped cream you need to have nos canisters; these cylinders are a few centimeters long and are filled with pressurized nitrous oxide. These small cylinders contain about two liters of gas. They are made up of stainless steel. These cylinders whip the cream and you need not to whip it by using your hands. You can add desired sugar or flavor into your dispenser before releasing the gas and as we pressurize the gas into dispenser the gas prevents the cream to get oxidized and the gas being soluble in fats will get dissolved in the cream turning the cream to be fluffy and this process takes few minutes to be done. Nitrous oxide is a preservative in itself so it can also be stored for weeks; if you run any restaurant or coffee shop then you do not need to whip the cream every me you want just whip the cream and store it in cool place i.e. Refrigerator provided when you are taking it out after one or two weeks shake it properly before using and you are ready to make interesting creation in your kitchen. If your kid loves to have food of different kinds you can keep the canisters with you and add different flavors in it and make exciting dishes for him every time.

Take care of:

One should be very careful while opening the canisters, it is advisable to read the instructions or just watch a video on you tube for how to open the gas cylinder

How to get these Nos Canisters:

There are lots and lots of online suppliers who supply these canisters; as nitrous oxide is sometimes harmful and might lead to death then it is highly recommendable to trust only those websites which provide the tested stuff.  However the gas for human consumption and for medical purpose is entirely different; the doctors use the pure form of gas and for human use it is processed. Still go for only those suppliers who are certified for selling the product. Do not buy from those cheap ones; one should not take any risk for small amount of money.

So just push a button and get going!