Loyalty To The Brand

Today we will discuss how important loyalty to the brand when buying one or another smartphone.

It is wrong to judge the quality of all the company’s products only by one failed model that you tried a few years ago, especially when it is about average, or low-end segment.

Now we would like to talk about to what extent a good product of a particular company will stimulate you to buy its updated version after some time. It is not about products that are to be updated every half a year, it is rather about the planned update every couple of years or less. That is, for example, you used the Nexus cell phone for three years, and then when you realized that it is time to buy an update device, you decided to take the same Nexus, because there was no special claims to the previous model.

In our opinion, there are several parameters that shape the customer’s loyalty when it comes to smartphones. Firstly, it is, of course, the design. Nowadays all manufacturers try to make their own adds on pure Android the most convenient and functional in order the owner will get used to them and, at least, feel discomfort in their absence. For example, after the Meizu MX2 it was very inconvenient to use the devices which had not got the possibility to mark a message as read quickly. It would seem a trifle, butno!

Or let’s take the convenient dialer in HTC Sense, which has been the benchmark for such applications for a long time. Of course, to use a different dialer becomes not so comfortable. It is large comfortable additions or small inconspicuous ” schticks” that form the user’s loyalty. Or, on the contrary, the TouchWiz microlags, like passing by inheritance, at each new Samsung flagship, can force someone to abandon the company’s products.

Let’s take into consideration another significant parameter – work speed.

If after you had bought the device, it worked quickly and it lasted for a long time, perhaps, in a year or two, when seeing that the model began working more slowly, the user can decide that his smartphone is already out-of-dated and it is high time to buy the updated one. And, bearing in mind the initial speed of its work, the user will choose a product of the same company.

Nowadays many people become loyal to Google phones. They are easy to operate and have a lot of useful functions. Of course the price plays an important role when you buy one or another mobile phone. If you used Google phones and you are satisfied with it and want to purchase an updated version check price for Google phone and buy the best one.

One more parameter is design. Companies try to make their new models more attractive.

Speaking about ordinary buyers they follow the re-purchase scheme, because it is the brand that meets their needs (rational component), or because it is formed by a personal commitment to the brand (emotional component).

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