Enjoy Blazing Fast Connections With 3G Internet Prepaid Plans

3G is the third generation of wireless telephony and the successor of all the previous network technologies. Some of the major advantages of 3G technology are improved video and audio streaming, high data transfer rate, video conferencing support, high speed web browsing, easy multimedia access and mobile TV and they are optimized over the last generation of 2G technology. 3G is, without a doubt, an unsurpassed technology which is providing enormous benefits to the users over earlier networks. With cost-effective internet plans, 3G has completely dominated the market. Today, everyone wants to choose this unsurpassed high-tech network technology and nobody likes to wait for several minutes to load their WebPages with 2G.

Prepaid Services vs. Postpaid Services

When the rates of 3G internet are consistently dropping, it has become a most sought-after choice for those users who use internet heavily and the preference of 2G services has been declined. Another major consideration users have to take in mind is whether to pick 3G postpaid plans or prepaid plans. Those who use internet heavily usually go for postpaid plans because it is more cost-effective when it comes to get unlimited internet connectivity. On the other side, prepaid internet plans are available and suitable on different underlined cases.

Major Reasons Why People Go for Prepaid 3G Plans

  • If you are using mobile internet moderately, like merely for web surfing or for online shopping, then you should go for prepaid 3G plans. There are several prepay packs offered by the companies according to your usage pattern and budget. There are different network operators providing different plans which are affordable to you.
  • It is also important to keep in mind the time period during which internet connection is required by you. Suppose you cannot use internet for private use during office hours and you want to use internet on night, then you can find a special pack offered by your service provider for night hours.
  • For example, you have to go for vacationing for at least one week and you want to surf the web and connect to the world during that period at affordable prices. You can buy the 3G net packs with the validity of around 7 days.
  • If you are using your Smartphone for different purposes and you need internet connectivity for using your social media applications like Twitter and Facebook and famous chat messengers like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram etc. This way, you can choose any prepaid internet plan and get connected to your friends. You can also stay updated with cricket scores if you are a cricket buff. As compared to postpaid, 3G is a lot affordable if you are a moderate web user. 


If you need fastest internet speed at very affordable and reasonable rates, then you should look for 3G or third generation technology and its prepaid internet plans. You can find various internet plans at high speed. These plans are not only economical, but also very reasonable to keep you updated with digital world.