Skype Available For Windows Phone 8.1: Upgrade Your Video Calls On The Fly

Skype has introduced to free group video calling on Mac, windows and Xbox. This feature was launched in the year 2010. From year 2010 the Skype had been already available.

iOS, Android and windows phones include this  skype in the format of mobile apps. This Skype has the best feature, added screen sharing free for all group video calls. For group calling on Skype with  the limit permitted of 10 members.

The latest version of the Skype mobile app is introduced, to convert the phone chat into the conferencing call on video with the push of a button. The app is a combination of different new features, which were helped to the business people. This app is compatible with the windows, android and iOS phone devices. However, the Microsoft is not declared the exact date to release a new Skype app.

Here are the three important features of Skype are:

Immediately Upgrade to Video Calls:

In the Business, to communicate with the people each other, Face- to- Face conversation is very important. But it was not always pragmatic. For all the time the meetings are not possible. So, because of this is the reason video conferencing feature was introduced. This is very useful to help communicate with the employees, colleagues at the organization, people in the  business even colleagues and clients also. The new Skype app helps to make it easier to connect via video chat. While taking phone call to others, just tap on the screen Skype button that has been added to the dialer in windows phone 8.1. Then activate your phone’s camera, immediately converted you cellular call into a video call.

Voice Commands:

The latest Skype app is fully depenpend with Cortana, the new voice activated virtual assistant that entry with windows phone 8.1. Establishing the Skype app alternatively and initiating a video call, you can start your video call with the simple conversation. Just you should say “Skype, get (contact name) on video”, then  your video-conferencing session will start. The voice commands are used to help start and complete your video call more than speedily and easily, so you can get back to work quickly.

Video Instant Messaging:

The video instant messaging used to send your video clips to your contacts. In addition to this send your video clips to your contacts. When they are not in online, they can view your message in the next time, while they signed into the Skype. This new feature is also used to help communicate with others.

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