Know About Various Aspects Of Water Jet Cutting Methods

Water jet is a technology that is quite advanced and it uses water in thin stream and makes it travel at faster speeds again under very high pressure and this helps to erode the hard material that it is going through. It is manufactured on the basis of water erosions that take place naturally found in nature. Some water jets tools are used for softer materials and they are able to cut easily and quickly. The other water jets called the abrasive machines and cut harder materials effectively. However, this too is highly accurate although it is slower. The designs and the models are all based on whether you want to cut soft or hard materials.

Let us First Check on the Advantages

The main advantage of the waterjet machines is that it has the ability to virtually cut any kind of material within a lesser time. Another advantage that you cannot ignore about the water jet cutting is that it does not produce any heat to the areas adjacent to it and thus there is no harm to the operator or the material. The machines also do not disintegrate the materials by chipping or cracking while it is being cut. Water jet is also regarded as a ‘green technology’ as it does not emit any poisonous gases, wastes, fumes, or anything that might harm the environment or the operator. Besides, they can easily cut off huge pieces of material without wasting any material and thus save lots of materials and that means money too. These machines also work with great speed and also help in saving time and energy, which is a plus point as it is a constraint on everyone. Most important of all, the accuracy and the precision that it provides when someone wants a perfect measurement that is needed.

Disadvantages of the Water Jets

We can begin with the speed and if you compare it with plasma cutters, it is slower, but not bad. Of course it does affect the productivity of the workshop or the factory. Other methods of cutting can be considered as low because the water jet technology comes with expensive machines even for soft and also for hard or abrasive cutting machines. Many times the harder materials might take too long time if they are to be cut in very thick materials. This way the expense might increase as the productivity decreases. Another disadvantage is that it does not cut into very thick material and may be unable to get right dimensions and might cause waves. Taper is another issue when cutting thick materials. Taper happens when the jet leaves that part at angles and then it goes on to proceed to the other part. This causes dimensional inaccuracy. For more information, you can visit Semyx who provide a detailed info. Apart from this, the machines are that only limited material cutting is possible economically and that is what makes the most difference.

Whatever be the reasons, water jets are still most popularly used cutting machines for their efficiency and accuracy in a variety of materials.