Investing For The Best Quilting Machines

Quilts, the covers meant for keeping us warm during the winter need to be prepared with extra care. Stitching the quilts require ‘quilting machines’ that are facilitated by prominent companies including Bernina quilting machines or others. Finding the best ones need to follow the following tips that are greatly helpful to own a reliable piece:

  1. Your exact needs – First of all assess your exact needs that must be fulfilled to your entire satisfaction. Those in need of the best quilting machine must know what it is meant for.
  2. Wide hunt – It is wise to go through the newspapers, yellow pages or the internet for finding the best pieces. Walk down the local street and find out the showrooms that sell these pieces. Your friends, relatives and other known people may also apprise you about the concerns that deal in such machines.
  3. Ask for quotes – Better ask for quotations from different companies that sell the quilting machines. Write down each and every aspect in separate columns that would facilitate you to analyze the facts since made available by the dealers, manufacturers and vendors of quilting machines.
  4. Conduct interview – It is recommended to conduct personal interaction with the representatives of the companies that provide their valuable information to you. This would enable you to have a basic idea about these companies one of which may be asked to make available the best quilting machine. Do not ever hesitate to ask even the hardest questions from these people that represent their concerns. Your personal interaction with them would enable you to prevent the possible future problems related with those concerns. It is wise to maintain a record of such personal hearings with them.

Note – Focus may be emphasized on the following points while purchasing these pieces from Bernina quilting machines or others:

  •         Straight / Zig Zag & Blind Hem Stitches – Quilting machines involve great straight stitches that must be quite convenient. Look for this feature when you are there in the market to invest for these machines. The piece that you select must be able to provide straight stitches in feasible manners. Do not hesitate to take a ‘test drive’ by bringing samples of different fabrics, threads and battings that you generally use. Check the tension adjustments and fine tuning features. Same is true with regard to the adjustment of width, length and tension for the zig-zag and blind hem stitches too. Be wise to consider the same.
  •         Needle, motor, feed dogs, feet and pivot functions – You need to pay special attention to placement of the needle. It may be positioned further back in certain machines. ‘Needle-up’ and ‘Needle-down’ functions should also be checked in careful manners. Similarly the motor must be examined in strict manners as it may have to put on run for several hours. The motor should not get heated as far as variable speed is concerned. Aspects related to trim; press and pin etc. should also be looked into. Likewise a deep thought with regard to dogs and feet is also a must. Pivot function should also be checked with a deep thought.

The persons in need of quilting machines would make wise investment by adhering to the above simple tips.