How To Use Mobile Apps Effectively For Job Search

Mobile is the most powerful tool available in today’s modern world. Everything task that you want to do, from paying bills to keeping track of amount of calories you burnt while running, are available on mobile. There is an app for everything. If you can think of a service, there is an app for it. Famous organizations as well as indie companies are trying to woo the mobile consumer base with their apps.

Obviously, job search apps are also coming up in numbers to cater to their target audience who use mobiles phones the most i.e., millennials. Regardless of your preferred smart device, you can take your job search on the go, and apply to positions anytime, anywhere. Job search app has made it really easy and efficient for aspiring job seekers to look out for jobs and even apply to them at their convenience. Statistics also back this up. 77% of job seekers use mobile job search apps to find and apply for their preferred jobs.

Some job search apps are just straightforward, like their website counterparts, and some try to be a bit different and vary from the rest. The regular job search android mobile app lets you search for jobs and filter the results based on your industry, location, desired salary and more. The app aggregates listings from thousands of sources and can be used to setup email alerts to be notified when new jobs appear in a specific category.

Some job search android mobile apps are not about job listings but help you network with people in your industry. These apps have a page to upload information about yourself and help convert that into a digital business card. You can send and receive these business cards and save their contact details directly to your phone.

And then there are apps like HappyMinds that are in touch with the latest trends and incorporate them into their app. HappyMinds is just like a regular job search app apart from the feature of Selfie Video Resume. With this feature, you can upload a 60 seconds selfie video expressing yourself which acts as a resume. The app then would share your selfie video resume across the network of potential employers based on the position you applied for.

Selfie video resume offers many advantages when compared to classic resume. These include

  • Employers can see your communication skills, attitude and confidence in less than 60 seconds.
  • As they say, first impression is the best impression, you can create a lasting impression on the employer with selfie video resume
  • You can get short listed before you actually meet your potential employer.
  • From employers point of view, they can skip the hassle of going through thousands of resumes and short list only the deserving candidates.
  • Hiring managers can find profiles that matches exactly with the company’s requirement.

Going forward, mobile internet users will overtake desktop internet users. Mobiles and mobile apps will become even more important than they are already as they will be a game changer in information exchange. In the end, it comes down to the survival of the fittest and innovative techniques like selfie video resume that cater to the interest of the users will end up as the fittest.