As we know that communication is an effective source of interaction and communication can be made in different mediums and different ways, communicating live with a person straight is easier and common method of communication but when two parties are at distance and miles apart can connect now and communicate with the help of modern technologies.

Today, we can communicate live with anyone from any corner of world with the help of video conferencing. Two individuals or a group can connect together sitting from any corner of the world respectively. The technology ensured that there will be no feeling of absence through video conferencing and also video conferencing is a key feature used in business and organisation to achieve an objective or discuss to drive organisational goals without wasting time, energy and resources. Video conferencing is a visual link between two or more parties involved for the purpose of communication. It provides a motion image and also allows user to share contents and text. So, video conferencing just doesn’t mean audio visual call but it is more like a multi task operating tool.

It is also known to be one of the most sophisticated ways of communication as it is enriched with high quality performance and designed in order to comfort users. There are both tangible and intangible benefits of video conferencing which includes lower cost in training employees, lower travel cost, and reduction in time consumption. Whereas, intangible benefits are the numerous meetings, effective communication, deciding organisation roles, and effective non-verbal communication. There are plenty video conferencing apps available in Google store where zoom conferencing app unifies the communication and plays an effective role in organisation and also privately. Zoom video communication entered the market a year ago based on cloud serving multi party conferences. The zoom video conferencing India is growing rapidly as soon as when the zoom communication technology entered the china and the Indian market. Statistics proves that there is much better scope and larger audiences in India where the need for quality video conferences deemed necessary. Zoom conferencing technology aims to provide the best in class service and implement innovative approach to a better solution and deliver to the clients. Hence, this was he particular reason where officials of zoom were looking for a tie up and partnerships before it enters the market of china and India. The “work with zoom” program is booming in the market with a lot of partners and are installed in many organisation where communicating via internet is a key criterion.

The technology used by zoom is affordable and are easily installed without complication. It’s a simplified and classified app designed and structured to make communication better using the multiple location services. Zoom conferencing is safer and faster way for a quality communication where zoom video conferencing security is highly effective and reliable where the contents shared and communication made is highly protected. The technology is quality proved and the privacy policies of the company makes the zoom conferencing stand out amongst the rest providing the similar service and hence, having a major demand in the market