How To Pick A Transportation Solutions Provider In 3 Simple Steps

Do you need to ship freight? Picking the right solution helps you move products from point A to point B in a worry-free, safe and timely manner. Having confidence in your shipper makes the process easier to embrace.

One missed shipment may mean a lost client. Or even worse, a misplaced shipment or damaged delivery may ruin your reputation instantly. Word of mouth marketing can make or break your business. Avoid any of these nightmarish scenarios by choosing the right trucking solution for your business needs.

With the convenience of the internet and your referral network you have a powerful 1-2 punch on which to build your due diligence campaign.

Follow these tips to choose the right transportation solutions provider for your needs.

Leverage Your Research by Using the Internet

Gone are the days where word of mouth marketing was the only dependable way to find a good trucker. By using the power of the internet you have a rich source of research materials a few keystrokes away. Start by researching the transportation logistics provider website. Dig deep to get a feel for their business. Top shelf providers share information via blogs, videos and other content mediums. Look for a professional, branded site. Click through pages and posts. Reputable companies usually provide all the information you need to know to move forward with your research campaign confidently.

Look for information detailing their specific services to see if you have a match. Research their carrier network. Get as much information as possible through the business website to become comfortable with their services. You likely need a tailored, customized solution for your pressing needs. Do the cyber homework to get all you need to know before you choose to call a company representative. Don’t waste your time on the phone or driving to locations until you have put in the legwork online.

Word of Mouth Marketing Is King

Despite all of the advancements with technology you just can’t beat good old fashioned word of mouth marketing by chatting with your referral network. Gain confidence in a company by speaking to happy clients. If you trust them you’re likely to trust the shipping company. Speak to your professional network. Ask around for logistics companies. You’ll build a watch list of potential matches in no time. Patiently scour through each company’s qualifications. Some may be good matches and others may not fit your specific needs. If you’re looking for a good shipper diligently ask around for happy customers.

These individuals have no vested interest in the shipping companies. They can shoot straight concerning their experiences. Even the most glowing testimonial may come with a warning or two because perfect matches aren’t usually perfect. Tune into their honest feedback.

Get into the Nitty Gritty

If you’re entrusting a shipper with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise to be shipped to your customers sit down for a meet. Meet with a representative to discuss details. You’ll get the specifics plus you’ll get a feel for chemistry. Each party must trust one another to build a successful relationship. Sit down for an interview and ask as many questions as needed to find the right match for your business.

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