How To Keep Everyone Safe Around Construction Equipment

Safety should be the primary goal of workers in a construction site. Not only will safety improve productivity for your site, it will also decrease the chances of injuries and accidents that your company would be held responsible for.

One of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in a construction area is earth moving equipment. It takes a skilled operator to manipulate the equipment and safely move the load from one area to another. With that being said, it is important to always be cautious and safe around these kinds of equipment.

Take action before it’s too late. Here are a few safety tips for you and your workmen when around earth moving equipment.

Always hire a skilled and knowledgeable operator.

An operator is someone tasked to drive or operate the earthmoving equipment. Since earthmoving equipment is not like other vehicles or machinery, earthmoving operators must be highly trained in their job.

Do check the background of your earthmoving equipment operator to make sure he knows what he will be doing. Having a skilled worker will help you prevent mistakes caused by human error.

Know your equipment.

Another important factor in maintaining safety around earthmoving equipment is knowing the equipment itself. Check if the equipment needs some repairs or if there are any faulty parts.

You also need to know the limits of equipment operation like the load it can handle or how long it can be used. This can prevent malfunctions or overloading, which can harm not only your workers but also the operator.

Inspect the area.

Inspecting the area before operating an earthmoving equipment helps immensely in maintaining safety. Check the ground where the equipment will be, and if it is stable.

You can also check the site for possible trees or buildings that may fall or be affected when your earthmoving equipment removes rubble or soil. You may also see weather reports to see if the earth you will be moving won’t be too muddy or soft.

Do wear safety equipment in the construction site.

Aside from wearing helmets and safety shoes, you may also advise your workers to wear masks particularly when moving dusty material. This can prevent suffocation and other respiratory-related illnesses that may affect your workers. Aside from that, the equipment operator also needs to wear appropriate clothing and seat belts.

Keep the lines of communication open.

Possibly the most important thing to remember when keeping everyone safe around earthmoving equipment is communication among members of your team – construction manager, operator, and other workers.

You may use two way radios to alert your team to move out of the way, or stop and go to an indicated safe place when you decide to operate the equipment. You should also communicate with the operator to indicate when to turn on or off the equipment.

 You cannot truly predict when an accident would happen in your site. However, all of these could be avoided if you follow the appropriate and suggested safety procedures when operating earthmoving equipment. If you have more questions on earthmoving equipment and how to keep yourself and everyone in your work site safe, contact a trusted equipment rental company today.

Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best equipment rentals in Columbia, MO.

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