Health and Fitness Holidays

Has your New Year’s Resolution to get fit flown out of the window? Do you struggle to motivate yourself to get to the gym or exercise class on a dark winter’s night? You are not alone as a high percentage of those with good intentions have dropped their enthusiasm by the end of January. But if the interest is still there and the determination to get fit is a lingering dream then why not consider health and fitness activity holidays? With exciting locations all over the world, whatever your interest, sport or hobby there are endless choices available.

Yoga for Relaxation and Strength

You may be fooled into thinking that a yoga holiday would the most relaxing of the activity holidays – thing again! You will get fit on this type of holiday and will exert yourself more than you could imagine. Of course there is plenty of down time to make the most of all of the wonderful facilities such as pools and beaches but there can be nothing more peaceful than starting the day with a yoga session on the beach! Meeting like-minded enthusiasts will also help you keep your motivation and you could even develop lifelong friendships.

Sports Holidays

If you have a favourite sport and want time to concentrate on improving your game then perhaps combining your interest with a week or two in the sun would be the perfect combination. With a wide variety of sports on offer there is something to suit everyone’s taste including cycling, horse riding, football, golf and tennis. Whether you want to brush up on the basics or improve your skills you will take advantage of world class facilities such as professional tennis academies and championship golf courses. One to one private lessons will be available as well as group lessons and of course plenty of time to put your new found knowledge to the test by playing your chosen sport with your group, family or friends. So if golf or tennis holidays are an attractive prospect to you then do your research and pick the destination of your dreams!

Boot Camp Fitness

If you think of boot camp fitness as being a regime of pain and punishment then think again! If you have specific goals you want to achieve and need support from head to toe, inside and out then perhaps a boot camp break would be your idea of fun! Perfect for kick starting your fitness objectives or weight loss regime, located all over the world, these activity holidays will spur you on to help you reach your fitness goals. Activities can vary although boot camps bring to mind harsh army assault course workouts, you will also have the opportunity to try circuit training, cycling, hiking and even Pilates! All of which take place outdoors so the participants can breathe the fresh air and take in the views. You can get healthy as well as active by taking part in a detox with raw vegan cuisine and detox juices with classes in health and nutrition. Then you can end the day with meditation, massage and a sauna for the full holistic experience. There is no doubt that by the end of your holiday, you will arrive home feeling completely reborn!