How To Fix Your Air Conditioner

During hot summer months your worst fears may be realized; your air conditioner is bound to go on the fritz despite any amount of praying, begging and pleading. Nothing’s worse than having the AC go out on a hot, steamy day. Instead of complaining you’d be better served by following a few practical tips to get your AC up and running again.

If you have no experience tinkering around with your air condition it may be a smart move to consult a professional. It’s far smarter to speak to licensed, skilled, experienced pros versus doing more damage to an already suffering unit.

Use these tips to fix your air conditioner.

Do Regular Maintenance

Many problems arise because home owners neglect regular maintenance. These steps can be as simple as changing or cleaning air filters or removing debris from outside of the unit. When it comes time for a regular checkup make a small investment in professional service. Call an air conditioning expert to take a look at your unit once to twice a year. Their trained eyes can see what you can’t see. Perhaps a potentially expensive problem is brewing in your unit. An expert can replace an inexpensive part or perhaps tweak your unit in a minute or 2, saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty simply replace or clean filters before you enter into hot months. Get your air conditioner in tip top shape prior to heavy usage.

Don’t forget about the exterior of the unit; trees, shrubs, branches and vines can wreak havoc on a unit in no time. Obstructions interfere with air flow which can adversely affect your unit. Do spot checks every week or so to clear debris. During warm months weeds and other forms of vegetation grow aggressively. Clear out these fast growing obstructions with a pair of clippers or with your bare hands. Allow air to flow freely into and through the unit for an efficiently running air conditioner.

Don’t Wait Too Long

When it comes to maintenance or an actual repair all the practical tips on earth will do you no good unless you act upon them quickly. Err on the side of caution by acting swiftly when something appears to be wrong with your AC. Don’t wait. Avoid hesitating. Speak to a pro or research fixes online and get down to repairing your air conditioning unit immediately.

Human nature dictates that putting off repairs or maintenance is the smart thing to do. As if your worries and the problem will fade away along with your lack of attention. These issues almost always multiply if you ignore them. Take control of the situation. Troubleshoot your unit if the indoor temperature seems a bit too warm. Is the thermostat working? How chilly do you keep your home? Does the unit seem to be freezing up regularly? Ask questions and probe for answers as the first step toward repairing the unit. You may not find your answers immediately but being aggressive in attacking the problem can save you money and headaches in the future.