Get Skills Working

In this paper, it will be not talked about why you should work. Those who want to work,have already decided what do they need – to get the skills, experience, financial independence or fill their free time.

In this article are considered the basic professions for students and what skills can be gained by selecting them.


This choice is one of the most widespread. But working as a waiter is not as plain as it seems.Hundreds of orders, menus, customers (happy, angry, drunken and generous), delivering of orders on time to the right place. You really willspin like a squirrel in a cage and will be tired like a loader. Anyway, you should not show your fatigue. You should be polite, correct, and knowledgeable along the whole day, despite of your condition.

This work will teach you to tolerate any people, be organized, unflappable and enduring.


If you know principles ofmaking perfect essays or research papers – earn money by writing. Fortunately, here you won’t run like crazy and perform 50 orders per hour. Copywriters are their own bosses; they are working at home and at their convenience. But there is a plenty of weird, unpleasant or strange orders. Simply customers often forget that copywriters are not gods, and they cannot fulfill everything.

This is just a good lesson for you. Copywriting makes your nervesstrong,you will learn how to properly manage your time. In addition, your writing skills will rise to the highest level. Maybe you even will wright a book!


If you are brilliant insomething –be a tutor. Teach younger or classmates who missed a lot, help your friends. However, consider that every day you will meetmany people who are quick learners and not, and you shoud to control yourselffrom going crazy. In addition, it will be tofind the approach to everyone.

Working tutor, you will study to keep balanced, be correct and patient. You will understandpeople better and will respond to human failuresmore likely.


If you like sitting with children –be a nanny. Parents of the 21st century are very busy, so they will entrust to you their child if you are responsible and independent.

Care for a child ishard, but it’s a great experience for you as a future parent. With a small child, you will learn to be more careful, follow the day schedule, change diapers, feed the child properly and communicate with him. So, you have all opportunities to become a great parent.

Consultant / Seller

Do you like to sell or advertise? Work in the store. You have to be cheerful and smiling along the whole day, and visitors will ask you for help gladly. Or do you wish to scareaway all visitors byyour sullen glance and unfriendly tone? No matter, that you are tired! Smile, offer help, advertise, joke, and don’t show your discontent.

Workingas the seller and consultant is your if you dream about being always polite, resistant to stress, and be able to sell anything.


If you are in a good physical shape, and simultaneously ready to help people do the same thing the coach is your job. This work has the common features with the work of tutor,it also requires a special approach to the student. In addition, the task is complicated because that it is necessary not just to tell and explain, but also to show.

Working as coach, you will be always in motion, will maintain your shape and refresh skills every workout. In addition, you will train to understand people, their psychology and invent your ownsimple and cleartraining technique.


A courier is a true squirrel in a cage. He always delivers newspapers, leaflets, bills, goods for hundreds of addresses and maintains the vigor and speed of delivery for the whole day.

It’s complicated. But working as a courier, you will learn to navigate, choose the shortest way, explore the city and its plan, bus routes and metro. And you will have to take care of the things and documents that you charge. You will be fast, resilient and very responsible.

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