How To Design A Tile-free Bathroom

Tiles are a practical solution for bathrooms; however, although they are the go-to choice for many people, an increasing number of style-conscious homeowners are now seeking alternative materials. With many options to choose from, designing a tile-free bathroom is now easier than ever.

Out with the tiles

Functional as tiles are for bathrooms, they also have their downsides; for example, tiles can show their age quickly, easily reveal dirt and mould, and need grouting to stay in good condition. It is easy to see why more and more people are turning to tile-free options for their bathroom.

Impressive choice

A bathroom without tiles opens up a world of options; for example, you could consider using materials such as strong glass, timber panels, engineered wood flooring, concrete, burnished mirror or marine ply. Applied effectively, these materials make for a stylish and practical bathroom that stands out from the crowd.

Recycled or reclaimed materials can be used to keep costs down, or you can seek out specialist suppliers such as to see all the different options available to you.


It is worth noting that if you go down a tile-free route, this is not necessarily the easiest or cheapest option; instead, it is a unique thing to do and calls for a high level of design consideration and professional know-how.

Bathrooms are wet, damp places and it is paramount that the materials you choose can cope with these conditions. They also need to be durable and hygienic.

When designing your new bathroom, consider moisture rich areas such as the skirting and choose materials that can cope with this task. Think about how your materials can be designed and installed in tricky junction spots to blend in seamlessly and offer the protective qualities you need from this wet zone.

Whether you choose engineered wood flooring, glass or concrete, make sure you have considered the locations of power outlets and any plumbing fixtures before you install your materials. Also, consider how easy it would be to make changes in the future, such as if you wanted to add new taps or change the shower unit.

A tile-free bathroom can earn its place in any interiors magazine; however, if you want a bathroom that offers a durable and practical design, it is essential to do your homework before going down this route.