How To Buy An Apartment In Noida Within Your Budget

Noida has been one of the thriving city attracting professionals and conglomerates across the globe. To hunt for the best property in Noida, you have couple of options

  1. Look for a broker or developer and check out the limited options provided by him…if not satisfied with his range of properties, look for another broker and get stuck in the loop
  2. Explore the portal, check out properties across the city, shortlist your preferred home and finalize one of them that suits your requirement is the new revolution in the house – hunting process where you actually can finalize your dream house at ease irrespective of your wish to pick a pre – launch flat or ready to move flats in Noida

The features of portal simplifies the tedious task of home – search into child’s play, and here it goes…

Powerful Search Widgets

After landing to the home page, all you need to do is to select your service option and choose the city and hit the search button. Instantly you will be redirected to the result page

Dual Mode View of the Results

The results are displayed in list view on your left hand side and plotted on the map on your right. Instantly you get an idea of the location of the property along with the required information of all the properties of Noida


To ensure that you are not lost with the gamut of properties displayed, has the filters options for you to refine your search as per your priority. The filter ranges from your budget to the facilities and the amenities you want to be clasped with

Verified Listings and Photo Gallery

Clicking on the search results either on the list or on the map opens a pop – up display with the photo gallery with the photos water marked as Verified. has pioneered the concept of personally verifying the properties and clicking the pictures of the room before enlisting them, so that you have the option for dodging the frustrating traffic and check out the interiors of the room at your convenience

Trustworthy Ratings

Knowing the neighborhood is as important as knowing the inside of the room. To provide a complete solutions to this, the team rates the property on the parameters on life- style and society; the higher the better, hence you have the insights of the neighborhood too along with the interiors

Topographical Presentation

The map based view provide you with the exact location and connectivity to the city. In case, if you are not versed with the roads and lanes of the place, a proper commutation details are also provided so, that you are not lost if you decide to visit your property while taking a final call also provides you with the area and the position of the property in a building too along with the contact details of the person who has enlisted the property, so that you can get in touch with him to take it to the next level. The shortlisting button helps you to arrange your preferred properties on a single panel. Even the hotline number 03 – 333 – 333 – 333 is reachable round the clock to assist you in your home search

While buying you house, if budget is your priority, then it is just addressed in a single click from the filters. Apart from that you can always tone down your search as per your taste and preference, through other features so that you don’t compromise when you are picking your dream abode in your preferred city Noida.