Get Active Muscles and Neurons By Using Deanna Protocol

There are many incurable diseases are seen in humans one among them is ALS disease it affects people who are under fifty to sixty years. There is no permanent cure for the disease but a proper medication can extend patient life for ten years. A common medication called riluzole will extend the patient lifespan for about three to six months and not more than that. But the Deanna protocol can able to provide longevity in people it can cure muscle stiffs and neuron problems in the patient’s body. A resent research had found and proved the medicine performance the protocol is a multi package medicine which contains two bottles of powder, one liquid medicine and capsules. One of the liquid based medicines called liposomal is a part of the package it is recommended to consume one table spoon in each serving. The liquid should be taken as a first thing in the morning by mixing with beverage or any other liquid food material. The dosage and type of consumption should be consulted with doctor and with medical advisor. The main ingredient added to the medicine is four hundred and thirty grams of glutathione in reduced formation. Water, glycerine and potassium sorbate are other ingredients present in the medicine.

What are Ingredients that do not Present in the Liposomal?

The unwanted ingredients like starch, sugar, shellfish, milk and etc are not added in the medicine thus it is a safe one for consumption. People who have diabetics, blood pressure along with ALS can also have the medicine with confidence because it has no traces of salt or sugar. The medicine should keep out of children’s and pets reach because it causes serious side effects in younger people. Pregnant women and kids who are under twelve years should not consume liposomal without doctor’s consultation.

What is AAKG Powder?

The AAKG powder is a main nutritional supplement present in Deanna protocol the main ingredients used in the powder are two thousand grams of arginine and ketoglutarate. The recommended dosage is one scoop in each serving the powder should be consumed two times daily. Add the powder to beverage or food material and stir well until the content mixed and then eat the food. Dosage and type of consumption should be discussed priorly with the doctor and medicine must keep away from kids and pets.