6 Tips To Prepare For Surgery

Readying yourself for surgery requires both mental and physical preparation. Overcoming anxiety and prepping your body may seem like a daunting task for most patients. Acquire as much information as possible about the procedure to gain confidence in the operation.

Get to know your surgeon well. Think positively to combat any negative thoughts you may have about the operation. Listen to the advice of your surgeon pre operation. If you take care of your body and mind you’ll likely have a successful surgery which improves your life significantly.

Seek out a Surgeon with Experience

Find a skilled, experienced surgeon who you vibe with. Establishing a long term relationship with the surgeon helps you feel comfortable with them. Feeling at ease around your surgeon makes perfect sense. Imagine feeling nervous or jittery about the individual who’ll be operating on you? Only move forward with a surgeon if they help you feel peaceful, calm and confident.

Do Thorough Due Diligence

Get as many facts as possible about the surgeon and procedure to gain confidence in the operation. Inquire into the surgery details by patiently asking your doctor questions during a sit down interview. Get the facts concerning complications, precautions and post operative care to feel better about your procedure.

Don’t Hesitate to Receive a Second Opinion

Although you may trust your doctor consider getting a second opinion to give you peace of mind. Tapping into a second professional diagnosis can give you greater confidence and can soothe frayed nerves if you’re worried about the surgery. Ask around for referrals to find a skilled doctor who can offer their perspective.

Plan Intelligently

Seeing your life before, during and after surgery can help you avoid many problems in the future. You may need to take off days or weeks from work or school depending on the type of surgery. Think about how the surgery may affect your family. If your children rely on you to get to and from school can your spouse pick up the slack? If they can’t pick up the kids or drop them off what relatives or friends can help you out while you recuperate?

Mentally Prepare Yourself

Preparing yourself mentally for the surgery can improve your experience on the operating table. Visualize yourself experiencing a successful surgery. See the benefits of going under the knife.

Instead of worrying for weeks or months pre-operation learn as much as you can about the procedure. Most surgeries go smoothly. Dwell on how much better you’ll feel after the operation.

Working on your inner world is the most effective way to fight off negative thoughts after the procedure.

Keep a positive, cheery attitude after the procedure. You may need to rehabilitate for weeks or even month after the surgery. Read self help books, visualize and affirm positive thoughts to remain inspired during your rehabilitation period.

Be Aware of Infection

Any pre operation infection can cause problems during the surgery. Keep an eye out for any infections and notify your surgeon before the procedure. The operation must be delayed until the infection heals.