Endless Entertainment with the Best Radio Apps

Luckily, we live in a time where there’s no longer a need to go to Radio Shack for a handheld radio. Tune in to any station with the best radio apps on your mobile device!

Do you listen to Pandora Radio and iHeart Radio but miss your local radio listings? Keep your favorite stations with you with reliably tested radio apps for instant access anywhere you go. Whether you are on your way to work or taking a walk around the park, endless entertainment is right at your fingertips.


Simple Radio for high-quality Radio streaming

Listen to your favorite radio stations for free with Simple Radio. With over 40,000 stations to choose from, tune in to your preferred stations or discover new ones from around the world! Find a radio station easily and search by genre, city, country and more! All the stations have super clear sound quality and the listening experience is seamless with no buffering or interruptions! With over 10,000,0000 listeners per month, Simple Radio has undeniably earned its reputation as a reliable and stable radio streaming service. The interface is simple and with just one tap you can access your favorite stations from an easily accessible ‘Favorites’ panel.

In case this app isn’t enough or you simply want more to choose from, here’s an article I found by a website AppGrooves that lists more radio apps that offer free radio stations.

Best Free Radio Apps by AppGrooves

Castbox for the best Podcasts

 Castbox edges out its competition when it comes to podcast streaming. In fact, Castbox has several awards under its belt, like Google Play’s ‘Best of 2017’ and ‘Android Excellence App of 2017’, and there is no sign of stopping. Whether you are looking to learn something new or just pass the time, it is easy to find a podcast station that is perfect for you. Castbox’s superb user interface makes it easy to access the best podcasts with just a few taps. Looking to expand your podcast selection? Get personalized recommendations based on your preferred channels and discover new favorites! Take your podcasts with you when you go on a hike or when you are heading out for a long road trip. You don’t have to worry about your WiFi connection since you can download any episode and listen offline!

myTuner Radio App for Radio stations from around the world

myTuner Radio App is a great choice for tuning in to radio stations around the world. With stations from over 200 countries, you will never run out of entertainment. Whether you want to listen to online radio like XM Radio and iHeart Radio, or traditional AM and FM radio, a vast selection is right at your fingertips. Identify your favorite songs easily and share them with your friends with just a few taps. Looking for a new alarm clock sound? Set an alarm and wake up to your favorite radio station!

So these are my personal top picks that I hope will satisfy all your music and podcast needs. I also found a top 10 list on the previously mentioned site that seems to be in organizing apps for users. So if you need any further apps, you can check the list as well.

Best 10 Apps for FM Radio by AppGrooves

With so many great free radio apps, you don’t need to pay for satellite radio anymore! Select your favorite station from around the world or listen to online radio like iHeart Radio, Slacker Radio and more! Access music, news, and entertainment anytime and anywhere with the best AM/FM radio apps right at your fingertips.

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