Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications, Features And Price Rumors

We are living in a technological era and urge of innovations has become our constant desire. We are always in the search of some or other new technology. When world stands still, Samsung took a move with an idea of innovation. With creating all the buzz over the entire Tech world, Samsung set itself to launch its most amazing and a next of its well known galaxy series Samsung galaxy S7.

As the thought of this Smartphone drops in our heads, all we can think of is the Smartphone wrapped with best of the features. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone is here with a  package full of fantastic features bringing innovation and a new scope of technology.

These days all smart phone geeks are looking for Samsung Galaxy S7’s  specification, features and the time, when it will touch your hands. The time has not yet even approached but the rumors have already started revolving around the very next after Galaxy S6 due to the growing competition in the tech market and arrival of smart phones now and then.

*Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications and Features :

Powerful octa-core snapdragon processor

•Will be powered by Exynos 16-core big

•Amazing 4K resolution, with sharp and brilliant display or a fantastic foldable display

• It will precisely work on 4GB RAM for a blazing and flawless experience

•Equipped with stunning and powerful 20MP front camera sensor powered with a rotatory system.

• Powerful and accessible Touch ID button with an equally amazing retina scan. So let the IPhone users get jealous.

• A very standable ultimate charging time with a fast charging technology, which makes it even more attractive.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will come with 5G technology which will obviously enhance your usage with fast internet connectivity. It will also have infrared sensors that can detect the human body temperature with high accuracy and efficiency. The Samsung Galaxy S7 will also have waterproof technology. We have already seen Sony Xperia offering waterproof technology, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be far better than them . we can take this phone 15 meter down in water and there is no effect on the phone.

* Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date

Although we are not much sure about the date as there is yet no confirmed date about the release of the Galaxy S7. It all depends upon the company that when it launches its latest Smartphone in the market and cones up with the new to beat its other rivals. According to its ongoing trend ,it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will release in the last quarter of the year 2015.

*Samsung Galaxy S7 Price

This time its not worth to discuss the cost of the Galaxy S7 because the Samsung company always market its smartphones and all other gadgets like the hot cakes. Till date, the cost of the galaxy note 4 is the highest among all other smart phones of the Samsung and even then its selling rate is also quite well in the market. It is expected that the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Note four would decrease after the subsequent releases by Samsung. However, the speculation places its price around Rs. 60,000.