Coping Up With Skin Problems During The Critical Phase Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is that time where you can expect a lot of hormonal changes. All of them go on to cause a lot of issues pertaining to the skin. But sadly restrictions on medicine you can take while pregnant add up to the problem as well. The best part is that in order to overcome the problems there are a host of tips that you can rely upon as well. There are some safe medications during pregnancy at the same time. It is suggested that before you have them the expert opinion of your doctor would be a must.

Deal with Acne during the time of Pregnancy

It is suggested that during the time of pregnancy you need to wash your face a couple of times. The face does become oily due to the various hormonal changes. This has to be done so that the pores do not get blocked. With warm water, you can use a cleanser as well.

Many prescription medicines are available over the counter that is not recommended for pregnant woman. If you use them they could go on to cause birth defects. You need to discuss with your doctor about what are the safe medicines which you need to use during the tenure of pregnancy.

In the midst of all this keep your hair clean. Hair does contain oil and your pores are blocked. For sure this is going to develop blackouts in case if you are having oily hair. In case if you are having oily hair you need to wash it daily. On the other hand, if it happens to be moderately oil you can wash it twice in a day.

How to cope up with Itchy Skin

More often the abdomen is likely to become itchy during the tenure of pregnancy. Because of this reason, you would need to use scented lotion on your belly so that you can moisturize it. If it is going to itch you a lot you can opt for anti-itch creams

On the other hand, if you are into a tight uncomfortable set of clothes it would add up to the itching factor. It is going to irritate your skin then normally happens to be the case. In order to get rid of a degree of itching wear a pair of loose clothes that go well with your skin. It would be better to stick to cotton as it enhances to breathe in a natural manner.

On the itchy areas, you can go on to use cool compresses. It is suggested that you should bathe in lukewarm water. At the same time, the water should not be so hot that it goes on to create an impact on the affected regions. You can go on to place cool compresses on the affected areas and this would provide you relief on all counts. wet clothes on the irritated skin would also be an option that you can exercise as well.