Quality Dining Supplies For Every Occasion

It doesn’t matter what type of event is coming up. For every banquet, wedding, formal party or any occasion, you want your front of the house to look their best and the back of the house ready to serve up quality. You’ll find every item you need to make your event succeed with Pattersons commercial catering equipment.

With the comprehensive selection available for every aspect of your service needs, your business will be complete and ready to serve your clients.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Quality

Seeking out quality for your event set up doesn’t have to be expensive. Working with an experienced supplier with a long history of providing the best in the business, you’ll find great deals. Your clients will be impressed with every aspect of your service when you present them with the many affordable options for their event.

The event business requires front of house items that meet form and function. Beauty and durability combine to give you crockery and glassware that looks good and lasts. Your needs for different venues will vary and so does the selection. You can find a wide variety of items for every style. Whether you require pub glasses or champagne flutes, fine china or sturdy crockery, it is available. Offering your clients and customers comfortable cutlery that is functional and attractive provides a finishing touch for every place setting.

Don’t forget the many accessories that add a final touch to every event. Colour coordinated table cloths, condiment dispensers as well as coffee and tea accessories are just some of the many items you can find in this category. For every table you set, you’ll find an endless selection of products to suit every décor. Menu holders, decorative candle holders, salt and pepper pots and high chairs are just some of the special touches available for purchase. Don’t forget to keep a stock of quality napkins and linens for your guest’s cleanliness and comfort.

Checking off every item on your list, even when on a budget is no problem. With such a large selection and variety, it’s easy to find something for every budget. Keeping your costs down and profiting from your quality service is a top priority.

Back of the House Functionality

Not every venue will afford you the access to a fully stocked kitchen. You will need to stock your business with the latest essentials to ensure you can service your client’s needs. With today’s competitive service market, you want to have the tools to say yes to your client’s requests.

Service industry appliances need to not only meet the standards required by law, but they also need to be durable and dependable. Finding the unique items related to this varied industry is easy with a complete inventory and affordable prices. Setting up shop with industry rated refrigerators and freezers, slicing, chopping and related preparation items and everything you need to get ready for the event is available for purchase.

Preparing your selections ahead of time requires the use of professional appliances that can handle the demands of large quantities. Ovens, fryers, grills and microwaves are the workhorses your business depends on. Investing in them will be well worth the money when you have a complete set up in place. Cleanup is easy with professional dishwasher and glass washing machines that keep your stock sparkling clean.

Unique items like pizza ovens, meat slicers, blixers and kettles are available to enhance your offerings to clients. Saying yes to unique requests by owning the right equipment for every job will bring the business to you. Don’t find yourself having to turn down an event because you don’t have the appliances to get the job done.

Keeping Clean

No matter if your job is in a busy hotel conference room, a private estate or a local pub and eatery, you want to provide your guests with the cleanest environment to present your offerings. Purchasing rugged cleaning essentials that sanitize and make everything sparkle adds a necessary and professional touch to your business.

Arriving on-site to find the area in disarray and not up to your high cleaning standards doesn’t have to mean disaster. Keeping your business well stocked with the many different items available to stay on top of things will be well worth the time. After the event is over, ensuring you leave the area neat and clean will bring you future jobs when your clients see your professional approach to every aspect of your business practices.

There is an extensive amount of cleaning supplies available. Being able to de-grease, sanitize with antibacterial solutions and mop a messy floor are crucial to success in the kitchen. Not only does this come with every job, but also keeping these areas free of dirt and debris provides a safe and clean environment for everyone coming in and out of the busy area. When guests have gone home, returning the venue to its pre-event condition is the finishing touch at the end of the event. Your clients will notice the professional approach you take when providing complete cleaning services when their guests have gone home.

Dress for Success

Your employees will be interacting with guests throughout the event. In addition to their superior training and prompt, friendly service, you want them to look their best. Invest in quality clothing to maintain industry standard appearances for your staff. Provide your front of house staff with clean, durable uniforms that give that professional look and help them stand out in the crowd as they present your items during the event. Your clients and guests notice many things about your service and employees too. Send your servers to your guests with the best professional look.

Don’t forget to outfit your front of house chefs with the modern and professional outfits available. Their neckerchief, hat and chef’s apron will present a professional appearance at the carving table. In the kitchen, stock your supplies with sanitary gloves, aprons, hats and other protective wear to ensure quality standards are in place at every station. Offer your employees safe footwear that prevents slips and falls in the ever-changing environment in the kitchen.