Beginner Tools For Woodworking

If you want to become a full time or casual woodworker you’ll need tools to get the job done. Learning your craft with the right tools can help cut your learning curve. You can create wood crafts of varying sizes with the appropriate beginner tools so choose carefully. Large tools, power tools and smaller hand held numbers may find their way into your newbie arsenal. Complete your woodworking projects with greater ease by choosing the right tools for your work.

Even the most skilled craftsperson needs the proper tools to get the job done. Use these tools to start your projects off on the right foot.

Get Clamps

These tools are helpful for woodworkers who need to keep projects in place for an extended period of time. Maybe you need to wait for wood to dry. Or perhaps you’re prepping for staining or painting projects. Whatever the case may be you can use clamps to hold things in place during these waiting periods. Beginners would use medium C or small clamps because they are quite easy to use. The good news is these clamps can be used for most types of jobs. Get your clamps today to make your life easier.

Buy a Table Saw

Images of table saws come to mind when you think of the word “woodworking.” You’ll need to make large cuts in wood and you’ll definitely be sawing lumber at one time or another, even as a beginning woodworker. Beginners would do fine with a contractor table saw. These small, portable table saws can be carried easily from job to job versus the bigger, standard cabinet table saw. You can effectively guide wood for professional-style cuts by shopping around for table saw guides. Beginners may need guides as they are learning their craft.

Pick Up a Workbench

Large and medium sized woodworking projects can be executed using a woodworking bench. You’ll need to balance pieces of lumber to cut properly. Benches can give you a mobile, portable tool for your jobs as most have wheels and fold up nicely into an easy to transport parcel. Think in terms of added storage too; benches typically have room for screwdrivers, hammers and other woodworking tools. Pick yourself up one of these multipurpose tools to start your woodworking career off the right way.

Beginner’s Must Haves

Beginning woodworkers need a few must have tools for their arsenals. Pick up standard and metric sockets and wrenches to work with screws, nuts and bolts of all sizes. Standard screwdrivers and those of the Phillip’s head variety are also excellent tools for beginners. Add a hammer, a set of pliers, a small level and a tape measure to your tool box. Woodworkers should have a cordless drill and boring bits as well as a sander to give your projects an even finish. Consider a random orbital sander for large, comprehensive jobs.

Use each of these tools to perfect your craft. As a beginner you want to practice woodworking as much as possible to become comfortable with the tools of your trade.