Become A World-Class Pilot Like Richard Earl Bucklew

A career as a pilot is quite exciting; however, there are abundant challenges involved which the pilot has to deal with. There are certain particular qualities required in a pilot. Every pilot is expected to do everything so as to ensure that every flight is accomplished effectively and safely. This is why it is important to do a thorough self-assessment before beginning the process of enrolling into a flying school. Richard Bucklew is a well-known aviator who is at present working as an airline captain for one of the world’s largest commercial airlines.

Formerly, he has been serving as an aviator in four other major airlines. He has held several designations such as captain, first officer for several types of aircraft and had also flown as a private pilot. On Boeing 727s and DC-10s, he was a flight engineer and has held various teaching jobs at two eminent aircraft flight schools. He has been a part of the 1st Special Warfare Group at Mare Island, California and 12th Special Forces Group. With the U.S. Marine Corps he has also worked as a force reconnaissance Marine.

One of the most significant qualities of working in aviation is discipline. The starting point is particularly high for pilots and flight engineers. Drug abuse and other such behaviors are completely intolerable. A pilot must be able to stick to schedule and obey to the set rulebooks. Flying an airplane is a physically and mentally demanding task which requires excellent health.

This is why before flying; pilots need to undergo stringent medical tests and examinations. In order to become a commercial airline pilot like Mr. Bucklew, it is essential to obtain a first or second-class medical certificate. Apart from this, an instrument rating is mandatory to fly in bad weather and a multi-engine rating is vital which allows the pilot to fly plane with manifold engines. The medical certificate is received from a Federal Aviation Administration or FAA medical examiner.

From the University of Missouri–Columbia, Richard Bucklew passed pre-med biology and from the University of California at Davis, he completed geology and earth sciences. Later on, he received degree in aviation flight technology from Central Missouri University. Mr. Bucklew is an associate of the Airline Pilots Association and through the association he has been an active member in Pilots for Kids. In Alpine Rescue Team located in Evergreen, Colorado, he has also worked as a volunteer and has been a part of the program “Rescue 911.” Apart from these, he assisted his aunt in writing a romance novel about a female Special Ops. In his several years as a proficient pilot, Mr. Bucklew has stayed in over thirty two countries and can communicate in almost three languages. He has also learned Japanese Shito Ryu and Shorin Ryu, and is a black belt holder in Korean Tang Soo Do.

Thus, in order to become a world class pilot like Richard Bucklew, one should try to obtain the qualities like him.