Explore The Twists and Turns Of Southern California Roads On Your Motorcycle

If you live in South California and love to go on road trips on your motorcycle, then you definitely do not want to miss out on some of the best routes in this State.

Best Roads to Travel on Two Wheelers

If you love exploring, but never got the time due to your hectic work schedule, then it is high time that you take some time off and pursue your hobby for travelling. You might need to plan well in advance and decide which route in California you would love to explore first.

Let us look at some of the most preferred and loved routes by adventure lovers:

  • Sonora Pass
  • Route 36
  • Death Valley
  • Pacific Coast Cruise
  • Angeles Crest Highway

Sonora Pass comes with a number of twists and turns that you would love to explore on your motorbike. You might want to be a tad bit careful, since many of the twists on the road do not come with any warning signs.

If you are a nature lover and simultaneously looking for some adventure, then Route 36 is the route for you. The road length in this route is approximately 140 miles with a lot of hairpin bends. These twisty roads begin from the coast to Red Bluff and ends at Fortuna.

Death Valley, the same itself sounds interesting right? Here you have miles of fascinating landscapes to see while you pass by on your motorcycle.

The Pacific Coast Cruise is considered one of the best scenic drives in southern California. This route is about 123 miles along the central California coast. This route is well known for its oceanic beauty where you can see the jagged coastline while you drive along the coast.

Last but not the least you might not want to miss out on the Angeles Crest Highway. It is a two way lane that travels in two directions. It has altitudes above 7000 feet with a summit of approximately 7900 feet.

Exploring Your Adventure Side through Motorcycle Tours

If you have no experience on going on such road trips, then you can even book Southern California Motorcycle Tour packages. You can choose of the tour packages of your choice and quench your thirst for adventures.

You can even get to travel on the road routes from Los Angeles to San Diego and visit the scenic beauties of Lake Havasu in Yuma and the Palm Springs.

You can either choose from self guided or custom guided tours as per your needs and preferences. You need not have to worry about places to eat or rest, as these motorcycle tours will take you to the best places that offer mouth watering delicacies.

Stay Safe While on Adventures

Explore all the scenic landscapes of California, but remember to take safety gears like helmets, gloves and proper shoes and clothing. Accidents can happen anywhere and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Ensure that you carry a first aid kit and other basic essentials with you so that you are ready to face any sort of emergency.


This is once in a lifetime opportunity that you would not want to miss out on. Make the most of it and have a fun filled ride.