Be Irresistible – What Men Secretly Want

Are you one of those women who are newly involved in a relationship? Well, if you are finding it hard to understand things that are going on in the relationship or wish to create a beautiful platform for the two of you, then you ought to understand what men really want. The E-book by dating and relationship consultant James Bauer has become quite popular among women and is the hot topic making rounds over the internet. And rightly so with the many positive reviews it has received from the many readers, critics and enthusiasts. This book is in fact a relationship development program designed and meant for women who truly want a deeper understanding of men. The concept is based on the “Respect Principle” which James Bauer believes and assumes that every man prefers to be respected rather than be loved. Visit to know more. This is probably the best guide that shows you the Hidden Loophole for getting to the unreadable mind of any guy with just a single and the most powerful determining factor that makes a relationship to last long.

The ‘Respect Principle’

The author of the book, “What men secretly want” believes that men are indeed more attracted to women who create feelings of both admiration and ‘respect’ in them. He also claims that any woman who will follow this ‘Respect Principle’ will definitely be able to bond and connect better with the man she loves. Not only connect but also make him to commit in a long term happy relationship. This book offers a step by step guide or protocol that will help a woman understand her man at a deeper emotional level.

A lot of topics that most women wish to know and master are revealed in the book. The “gap” in communication that should be overcome for a long lasting relationship for instance is one such topic that is brilliantly covered. You can find the most effective methods to give you positive results of understanding your man of dreams at an emotional level. The phrases that need to be avoided at all costs in a relationship are well illustrated. The tricks for not ending up in the man’s just friend zone and appearing sexy to him in his mind and make you different from other women are revealed too.

Concept of the Guide is based on a Man’s Insight

Te reasons why relationships fail or never last long and the role of women in it and how it could be avoided are illustrated well by the author. He has answered many of the previously never answered questions or secrets like effective communication were your man would listen to you and when he does not want to listen; the way you need to respond, etc. The tricks and tips that will make your man admire you and love you even more are simply given away. These include ‘The asking for Directions’ trick, ‘The 2-Minute potent attraction technique’, how to speak to men, etc. Visit to know more.