An Overview Of WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an open source application and among the most commonly used blogging platform on the internet. The user gets access to numerous themes, widgets, tools and plugins and new designs almost every day shared by third party developers. WordPress is also the most widely used CMS. It has become so popular mainly due to the easy to use controls and the easy access to the WordPress software.  WordPress hosting is crucial for the success of a website. There are different types of web hosting available for the customers to select from. These include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress does not require any prior knowledge of coding (HTML, CSS etc). So anybody can create a website adding a theme they liked or customizing it as per their choice. Here again one has to be careful and get the maximum security for the website. If it is vulnerable to viral attacks, there are possibilities of losing the entire data stored. This would keep away potential customers from visiting the site. One of the options available to the website owners is to go in for managed WordPress hosting. The customer can be assured of a secure WordPress website that is free from all types of threats like malware, virus, Trojan etc.  Many managed hosting service providers also enhance the security with SQL and code injections. They also have scans done to the website which alerts about any threats and recommends how to fix the issues.

To install and operate WordPress hosting, the server should have a few requisites. WP version 3.1 requires PHP 3.1 or later versions, MySQL version 4.1.2 or later, WP version 3.2 it should have MySQL 5.0.15 or later versions.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Being an easy to use platform, WordPress is manageable even by a non IT person.  So for better performance of the site, customers give the maintenance of the site to a web hosting provider which concentrating on developing content for the visitors. The customers need to be aware of a few IT skills to manage the dedicated, VPS or cloud hosting. The service provider in managed WordPress hosting ensures that the website performs better, is secure and provides regular backups and updates. It is also useful to the services of a host provider if the customer does not understand technical features like configuration, maintenance and running of server.

The customer has to check for a few features before they finalize the services of a WordPress hosting provider

  1. Specific WordPress hosting: Check if the WordPress hosting package offered has all the functionalities that are specifically required to run their site. Many companies only provide standard hosting packages.
  1. Website Security: Security is a critical issue and if left unprotected it runs the risk of being attacked by hackers and the data being exposed and stolen. Some important security features that have to be specifically asked for
  • WordPress Updates. Any updates as and when released should be automatically updated as it could improve security
  • Malware Scanning: Frequent scanning of the website to identify any weak spots before it does any damage
  • Security to customers: SSL certification is a must. This gives the customer confidence on your site and they will not hesitate to share sensitive issues like credit card details
  • Backups: Server failures or hacking or software errors can lead to loss of all data and documents. It may take ages to recover and rebuild the site
  1. Email protection: With a WordPress hosting package the host provides exclusive email addresses which again is vulnerable to spammers and hackers. Just ensure that spam filter and junk mail filters are provided
  1. Space: Everyone wants their business to grow. Select a package that is big enough and has capacity for more space.
  1. Support: The service provider offers 24 hours technical support to assist the client with any issues pertaining to the WordPress website. Ensure it offers help from forums, live chat and telephone support.
  1. Loading Speed: Speed too is crucial. Visitors just drift away if the site takes too long to upload. Some plugins and themes can slow down the upload time.

Most of the WordPress hosting India providers offer cheap yet reliable services with features like unlimited bandwidth and storage, customizable cPanel, free Adword credits, free trial period hosting, specialized hosting, One-Click wordpress installation etc.