6 Things You Should Know About Web Hosting

Before we look into features of Web Hosting  it is pertinent to first grasp exactly what the term “Web Hosting” denotes. More info on cloud hosting can be found here: Web Hosting Reviews.

Web hosting is a service used to run a website on the internet and is used throughout the world.  Many companies are recognized solely for their great web hosting services; they not only run the website; but also make sure it supports the traffic coming to it. Of course, choosing a web host isn’t as simple as it looks. You first need to understand the requirements of your website and then make a decision. Basically there are two types of hosting services available: dedicated and shared web hosting.

A dedicated web host will give you an entire server to run a website, whereas in shared hosting, you will be a part of the server. Dedicated servers are fast and offer tons of bandwidth; however, are expensive and can only be useful for big businesses that expect a lot of traffic.

Following are 6 things you should know about web hosting:

1. Speed

Speed is the first thing most website owners consider – it is linked to everything else on the webpage. If your host cannot handle the traffic that it gets, your website may get extremely slow or may even crash. This can be really disappointing for your visitors. Hence, calculate how much speed you want before choosing a website host.

2. Resources

You will require resources to run your website which will be offered by your web hosting service. In shared hosting, resources are a bit limited, but in dedicated, you can ask for as much as you want. Resource handling is necessary to run your website in the correct order.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is necessary for web hosts. To keep your costs low, your host must be ready to make changes to your service, whenever you need them. If you aren’t attracting too much traffic, you probably don’t need much speed. Your host must adjust to your requirements.

4. Control

Your web hosting service must give you complete control over your website, i.e. content and data transfers, etc. Your databases must be in your control, too. Some web hosts provide cPanel hosting, which let you control the entire website if required, even if you lack knowledge about website programming or coding. Cpanel is the most widely used control panel without doubt.

5. Content Management

If you run a website, obviously you will upload high quality photos/videos, etc.; your web hosting service must be able to handle all such stuff. A bad host will simply slow the website down or streaming services won’t be up to the mark. . This is linked to overall bandwidth, but some web hosts don’t optimize their servers for images and videos. If you have plans of uploading videos and images, make sure your host can handle them!

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6. Backup

Good web hosts create backup files, allowing quick recovery in case of system failure. This is done automatically and is a very useful feature for websites having critical data. So, even if your systems fail, you can rely on good backup servers to get your website back online.

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