5 Insurance Claim Tips For Damage To Your Home

If your home has damage speaking to a public claims adjuster is the next step. Before you sit down for an interview keep these 5 ideas in mind.

Remember that this is a Business Negotiation

Your insurance company is not necessarily out for you. They are in the business of making money and you are in the business of getting what you need financially to fix your home. A friendly claims adjuster isn’t necessarily an honest claims adjuster. Be honest and savvy in your business transaction. The minute you sense that your insurance company is being less than honest speak to your attorney.

Document the Process

Document the entire process with estimates, details and proof to ensure the claims process goes smoothly. Both parties need to be able to trust each other. If you make claims without strong backup why would you expect to receive money from your insurance company? If you are willing to be honest, upfront and transparent about your claim karma will usually work in your favor. If you inflate claims without any tangible proof or details to back them up you’re likely to run into problems.

Check with Your Lawyer

Never sign legal papers without consulting your lawyer first. Although most people involved in the claims process are on the up and up you need an attorney’s stamp of approval before you sign off on anything.

Invest in a skilled, qualified, experienced attorney to save yourself headaches.

Never Inflate Your Claim

The biggest mistake made in this game is padding or inflating claims. Greediness or desperation is your biggest foe. Patiently assess what you need and why you need it. Never make a false claim as this can damage your reputation and increase the chances of receiving nothing from your insurance company. Insurance fraud is a serious offense in this niche. If you cry wolf one time you can damage your reputation and lose your credibility.

Do you want your insurance company to be honest with you? Be honest with them. Generate good karma by being straight. Think about the money you truly need to fix any damages to your home. If you need the capital you’ll likely receive it from your insurance company. Once you begin to pad claims you’ll walk a slippery slope.

Make Clear Requests

State clear requests. Explain why you need something, what you need and when you require it to convey a loud, clear and transparent message to your insurance company. The more details the better. Making clear requests gives your claims adjuster a better idea of what you need and why you need it. The clarity and transparency of your message increases the likelihood that your requests will be met. Be honest and upfront in any request that you make. Go into great detail as to why you believe you need this request. Explaining your driver clearly allows your insurance provider to make a more firm and definite decision based on both your needs and on their capabilities.

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